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Everett 6 Seattle 1

September 3 2005 at 9:50 PM

and one cheap shot by Bertuzzi I mean McEwan!!

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September 3 2005, 10:34 PM 

and you leave out what led up to it. Typical

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What led up to it was

September 3 2005, 10:42 PM 

a hit on Barthel!

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"What led up to it?"

September 3 2005, 10:43 PM 

You mean, the final score?

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September 3 2005, 10:48 PM 

If the hit from McEwan was payback (which is doubtful) then he should have been man enough to drop the gloves and settle it the right way. He is a hothead and has proven that again.

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moore had it coming to him he deserved what he got..

September 3 2005, 10:35 PM 

i'm sure mcewen so called cheap short was also just a pay back.

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Never an excuse for

September 3 2005, 10:40 PM 

hitting someone from behind.

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September 4 2005, 10:37 AM 

Obviously you don't know hockey,

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YOU"VE got to be kidding

September 6 2005, 4:44 PM 

Moore's hit on Naslund was Clean, shoulder to head and only because Naslund ducked. Ask Naslund, he has said on numerous occasions, Moore's hit was NOT dirty.

Furthermore, any moron who equates Mini Mac and Wookie's interaction to the Bertuzzi incident, really doesn't have a clue at all.

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clean hit

September 6 2005, 10:59 PM 

not clean hit whichever it was I hope you aren't condoning these actions from McEwan or any player?

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Moore hit

September 7 2005, 1:17 PM 

that was a clean hit. Saw it, many times, slow mo, everything....shoulder to chin and Naslund ducked into it.....NASLUND even said it was a clean hit.

Sneak beatings, no I don't condon them, cheap shots and then refusing to drop the mits....beating is a coming...NOT referring to any incident.

I didn't see Mini Mac and Wookie thing so cannot comment except to the IF's....IF Wookie clipped Barts and IF Mac jumped him If wookie skated away IF IF IF...but again...I wasn't there. I know Mac has a tendancy to get cheap and too emotional and does some stupid things...but so do most players that opposing teams hate but most would like if they were on their team.

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Sorry but

September 7 2005, 2:57 PM 

no thanks don't want any Bertuzzi style players on our team. Thanks anyway but you can keep them.

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Re: Everett 6 Seattle 1

September 4 2005, 12:28 PM 

Mcewan is a GOON!

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