So the natives were correct!.........

by MikeInNC


.....that white men would not believe them and call them liars! LOL happy.gif

I think it's fair to consider the following: If people can be frozen with fear or become overwhelmed with a sense of dread which causes them to turn around and leave the woods (as opposed to staying in the area to try to see/photograph what's causing the sensation) then wouldn't it make sense that a creature which can cause this in humans could create a similar (or even more intense) reaction in game animals?

When discussing Native oral traditions, we look at stories of "wild men", "mountain men", "stick people" etc. and interpret that (to our benefit) to prove the existence of BF.

Who knows what actual abilities these hairy, giant tribes actually possessed, but they apparently were able to pull off some tricks which really impressed their visitor!

In the meantime, modern researchers report fake bird whistles, rock-throwing, hearing a noise in one direction - and then realizing they've been faked into looking the wrong way...... just as reported in this very, very old article.

Over years of reading BF encounters it seems that BF consistantly pulls a trick out of it's hat to avoid being seen. Not bad for a 6-10/12 foot tall being!

I guess my point is that it's a bit selfish to take from oral histories that information which supports the existance of BF (or whatever it is), but dismiss those oral histories which don't jive with our modern, civilized, high-tech world. There must be something to the "weirder" claims....but we may never have the chance to learn them.

Just some meandering thoughts to help kill some time at work happy.gif


Posted on Mar 24, 2009, 2:38 PM
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