Jacket and foot prints

by MikeInNC


The jacket: From our perspective - the bottom-right of the jacket is much higher than the left. Either he buttoned the jacket all bass-ackwards, or the jacket is not buttoned and is just riding up a bit due to arm location....as previously pointed out. The second picture shows the bottom-right of the jacket now at about the same length as the bottom-left of the jacket.

Also, in the first pic, there's no overlapping of material on the left and right sides of the jacket so that buttons could be used.

There is a slight time difference between the frames (even though the pose and the background remain the same in each picture) as the hand grips on the casts are different in the two frames.

Footprints: I was thinking the same thing....that perhaps the right foot print is hidden by Patterson's body - with the next left foot print visible further away...by Patterson's face/hat.

Though BF tracks seem (in pics and reports) to generally run in a straight line - if a BF needs to turn its upper-body to get a better look over its shoulder - then perhaps a BF would also take a step to the right, or left, to aid in a greater peripheral sweep of its surroundings?


Posted on Jun 22, 2009, 6:51 AM
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