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by Monster Hunter

Steakly wrote:

I have already registerd. See below history of my
Monster Hunter stated; the D.N.A. of this
Forums' "hunt"; which was on this Forum, discussed
to a lenghly view several months ago, for all to
Monster Hunter stated that the D.N.A. came
back- "Gorilla, Chimp and Ape".

MH wrote:

The hunt that provided blood for the lab was done in January 2003...the hunt hasn't been discussed on this forum recently or in years...the hunt accounts and DNA results were released in the News Letter back in that time period only...we have mentioned the results that the blood was type A as in chimps, orangutans, gorillas here on this forum some years back...

you wrote:

Guestion for Monster Hunter, and GCBRO.
What Lab, did these results return from?
Who did GCBRO contact with the media with
this information?

MH wrote:

Several labs did the in Texas and one in Oklahoma...and no I will not mention who the labs were or persons involved in the testing...and no...we didn't contact any media...we're not media whores and didn't accomplish what we set out to do...results proved exactly what we suspected...nothing more or less...(do yourself a favor to gather any lab that does DNA work...ask them if they reveal any results other then to those directly involved)please do not let ignorance drive you around aimlessly...make some calls to get a good accurate understanding...

You wrote:

Was the Scientific results of the D.N.A.
shared with anyone other than those here?
What, if any proof; does this mean for
the Bigfoot, community, in regards to the past
claims of Jim Lansdale, and this site.
Thank you.

MH wrote:

The results were made public on the forum, the labs involved, news letter and several other forums...we did not and will not and would not contact any media...we didn't want any media attention for several reasons that I'll not explain on a public forum...and this is why we will not mention any ongoing or future hunts...we feel that if you are not involved then it is not of your concern...we are not responsible or will not be held responsible to mention anything concerning our work...think about it a bit and hopefully you'll understand why...what it proved to us...the Monsters we hunt are ape...we were not and or not interested in providing this community with any of our finds or results...we firmly believe the only unquestionable proof will be a corpse...

Something people need to understand...if there is not any comparable DNA to match then it remains a lab and find out for yourself...

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