How can oceans rise when ice isn't melting.......

by MikeInNC

Despite a constant barrage of so-called "reports" from pro-global warming advocacy groups that the ice caps are disappearing......reports from mainstream science indicate that no such melting is actually taking place.

Some mainstream scientific reports over the past few years indicate that measurable ice levels have indicated an increase of ice.

And who is responsible for the end of the ice-age and mile-deep sheets of ice over N. America and Europe? Who? Who!?

Was it Og? Or was it his trusty woolly mammoth sidekick, Bug-Bug?

There are natural cycles to the functioning of this planet which have happened MILLIONS of years before you were a glimmer in your parent's eyes.....and which will occur millions of years after the remains of Al Gore have turned to dust.

Global Warming is Politics by other means (with a nod to Clausewitz)

Besides, Oh-BAAA-Mah said the icecaps would stop melting once he's there's the gospel truth right there. The Ice is BACK, baby!!! All thanks to Sir Ego! happy.gif

-Mike in NC

Posted on Feb 19, 2010, 5:45 AM
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