Jerry Lee Merritt in Long's book...I received this by email...

by Monster Hunter


Greg Long's book "The making of Bigfoot" pgs 108-9
Patterson's neighbor, Jerry Lee Merritt on Patterson film, living at the time in Vancouver, Washington:

"Now, I thought maybe they'd been planted, see. But I didn't want to bet into this too deep because
I'm Jehovah's Witness, and people think I'm makin' up some demonistic story or somethin' you know..."
Merritt stares off into space. "I know a lot of things I've done. I just don't want to bring it up."

His eyes shifted away.

"But Roger Patterson died in 1972," I said. "We're talking about twenty-six years ago."

"I know when he died," Merritt said petulantly. "But I mean, this bigfoot thing, ...there is more
to it than you'll ever hear. I mean, I'm going to tell you right now there was things that happened.
There's very few people know about. And it's just strange, just strange."

Long: I felt Merritt was hiding something, but I didn't push him. "When you say things happened,"
I said calmly, without inflection, "you mean strange occurrences or sightings of Bigfoot?"

Merritt: "Sightings and stuff, yeah, I just never did......" He broke off...........

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