First visual

by D. Fisher

Sam (Bitter Monk) said to me a couple of years ago..."When you least expect it"

Well I planned a trip to a couple of my areas for this week and as luck would have it my two sidekicks (son & daughter) could'nt get off to go, so I went alone.
With all the storms and tornado's this year I wanted to see how these areas had changed plus get some fishing in.

About mid morning I reach the first location and arm myself with a pistol and a pair of binnoculars, the sky was overcast and temperature according to my truck 66f. I head off into the area at a quick pace not expecting to see anything but a track or two. No camera as I wanted to travel light since I had a lot of ground to cover and besides what are you going to see at mid morning?

Well, all of these mistakes came into play. I had covered about a mile and a quarter and came into a clearing, generally these fields are heavy with deer but I hadn't seen any this morning. I stop to get a drink from my water bottle and catch movement from the corner of my eye, get my binnocs out and at about 200 to 225 yards away by a small isolated grove of trees are two monsters standing in Johnson grass 3 1/2 to 4 feet high 10 to 15 foot from the tree grove. The largest one which looked to be female was 6 to 6 1/2 foot tall 200-250 lbs the smaller one gender unknown looked to be about 1-1 1/2 foot shorter. The largest one was grabbing handfulls of the Johnson grass and stacking it in the smaller ones arms. The smaller one would then walk into the tree grove and emerge a short time later only to get another load.

The wind was getting gusty, the female gave the little one another small load and it threw it to the the wind, the female hit the smaller one with the front of her forearm not the back of the hand, the small one fell out of sight for a moment and then emerged above top of the grass. The female looked at the smaller one for a few seconds, I could not tell if any type of noise was exchanged between the two. She loaded the small one up one more time and both dissapeared into the tree grove.

This event lasted I would guess 8-12 minutes. I was stunned, I'm not sure if I even took a breath. I think they were building a bedding area and the location they had chosen was perfect, due to all the rain half of the aproaches were now swamps, the side I was on was treeless, the backside had the wind blowing into the grove.

These animals??? were so human acting I don't know if I could have shot one if I had carried a weapon to due so.
Seeing this has really messed me up, they appear to be primal with human accents. I have shot many a deer without thought but this is a whole new ballgame.

Other key notes: The hair was a rusty red color with darker patch's mixed in. (best description would be a chocolate lab with an unhealthy coat or losing its winter growth)
The head was rounded like a basketball, forhead protruding over the eye sockets, nose plus mouth. The hair on the head looked to be slightly longer than the the rest of the body hair. Facial hair was patchy as best as I could tell. I was using friday night football binnocs.
The arms seemed to be long the greatest length between elbow and wrist.
Was not able to see any details from the mid ribcage down due to the growth of the Johnson grass.

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