Hypothesis (re: disappearing)

by MikeInNC


There have been reports over the years of people feeling panic or dread - enough to make them leave an area. Also, feelings of fright while in bed or a tent....strong feelings of drowsiness, etc. when a BF is (or thought to be) nearby.

The subject of BF's possibly using ultra-low frequency vocalization (discussed here from time to time in the past - and which, it seems, elephants use) makes me wonder if BF can/have learned to use such abilities to disorient a person (or prey) so that the BF has time to move just enough that, when the subject has recovered full use of mental faculties, it appears the BF has vanished.

Remember the last time you were overly tired, or with one beer too many, and placing a magazine, house keys, remote control, etc. on something......then just a few moments later wondering, "Now Where The Heck did I put that??? I JUST had it in my hands and put it down.......?!!?" I'm sure we can relate happy.gif

Anyway, if we can't find the remote for 5 minutes, you can imagine how little time it would take for a BF to disappear back into the woods with just 5 seconds of extra time.

Just a thought.

-Mike in NC

*I'm more than open to supernatural, etc. things in this universe (with minor 1st/2nd-hand experiences like deja vu and premonitions....nothing earth shattering) - but won't hazard a guess re: ape-like, forest-dwelling, twig shelter-building, rock-tossing creatures bending space and time.

Posted on Jul 20, 2010, 11:51 AM
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