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by SasquatchMs

Scientists have not YET proven the existance of God , the nature of the soul, wether or not humans and animals have an immortal aspect to their being. All im saying is that in Science there is not a "faith clause" or a "superstition theory", there are facts. When trying to research an extermly rare animal that is illusive matters of faith or belief dont hold much weight or room when trying to make plaster casts or obtaining DNA.

Super animals yes..,but not supernatural.

I dont deny the possiblity for the existance of God or souls or whatnot, when you get down to odds well your either right or wrong, science will never bridge the middle ground unless CERN reveals the God Particle somehow and manages to trace its source, then obtain a sample of the particles and create an organic string of DNA,Cells, then Molocules and harnesses that particle to their atoms and creates life in a lab from scratch.

In Scripture however Jesus cast out demons from a man and cast them into pigs (Mark 5). This would suggest that pigs were like a man in capacity of a soul, and in how they are animated (although it is of course not proof). So when I hear a Christian say animals dont have souls I get kinda ticked off, I'm Glad you do because it means your pretty smart regarding the subject. BUt there is also a second aspect :

First we must understand what is a soul. The bible said that God created man in His own image.
Nothing was said of the animals or plants. The bible said that God breath the spirit of life into his nostril and man become a living soul. Nothing was said like this in the creation of animals. Animals were created differently. God just spoke the word and they appeared. So the spirit of life that was breathe to a man and his likeness to God makes him unique from other creations and he was called a living soul. Man has godlkike character. He is aware of morality, he is aware of sins and forgiveness. He has the ability to understand the words of God and he is aware that one day he can be with God if he obeys his creator. Animals and plants are not aware of any of these so ..there ya go Maybe animals have a spirit, w/ the possiblity of lingering after death due to their energy not being absorbed or converted (e=mc2)

I hear more faked EVPS and CGI digital video effects of ghosts so its impossible to tell if they are genuine or not these days b/c its so easy to fake..unfortuantly. In the end the way to confirm a ghost or spirit would result from a containment field of some sort trapping a spirit or soul in it and then measuring it's energy and then testing it against controls and see if there are reactions, again a long shot in terms of science proff.

I just go w/ facts though, the real measurable proven data in scientific journals that come from guys that do it for a living. thats how i base my research in the field when attempting study of this animal. No disrespect at all , just a difference in opinion. happy hunting

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