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by KJ

Last fall, I learned that a cousin who had lived near Mt Shasta, Ca for a time and as now living back in our home town raising her child did share my interest in Bigfoot and after we talked and shared what we knew and experienced, we since been trying to get together to do some investigating. So due to the fact that she is a parent now and somewhat needed to remain close to where we grew up, it is easier for me to make the drive to join her. Looking back over the past sightings report, there are some areas that are about a 30 minute drive from where we grew up. Also I know of some backwooded areas that might be a good investigation area. Knew this area years ago when my father and uncles farmed raising cattle and growing cotton in that area. I remember at times my father talking about finding a dead calf or cow that a predator got. He would then attribute it to coyotes and/or wild dog packs that did roam those bottom lands. I spent countless hours down in those bottoms riding my mini bike as dad and my uncles would be on the tractors and such. I remember at times, I would stop for and stair off into those woods as if drawn to them. Well as the 1980s progressed, the area went through hard economic times and my uncles went northward and found work while my father sold all his farm land and live stock thus getting out of farming all together and simply working as an iron worker which he had that job till he retired back sometimes in the late 90s.

I don't know who owns those lands now that my father sold but thought those would be a good location to start investigating. Talking with my cousin, I told her about doing some start up investigation from sitting near a bridge in the possible area from about an hour before sundown and staying there listening for any sort of possible calls, whistles, knocking or such for about an hour or two after dark. That area that my father use to own and farm is a prime place since there is an gravel road there with an old bridge.

Since now a location is pen pointed to investigate, I was curious as to keep the investigating going if the bridge sitting/listening proves to produce some positive results. I don't want to get in trouble for tresspassing so since I haven't learned through family who now owns that land, I was wondering if it would be good if I went to the county courthouse and through property tax records, learn the name or names of those who currently own those lands and then try and make contact with them to see if I could get permission to get on their property to continue the investigation. Anyone care to advice and/or make suggestions?

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