Caliber of choice.....

by MikeInNC


As I picture myself in the scenario you mention, I cannot picture myself leaving a tree stand until AFTER backup arrives (fellow BFers with LOTS of rifles in caliber 7.62x39 and much, MUCH higher!).

IF you're taking a pot shot at a BF, you should have a 7.62x51 FAL or M1A (or AR-180) in your sweaty palms and a couple extra mags in your pockets.

Other than that, considering that a BF may way 300+ pounds......... Fuggedaboutit! You ain't goin' NOWHERE in a hurry.

Best case scenario, you have a machete and you cut off the head and haul that off while laying suppressing fire on any BF kinfolk behind you (I'd wait for that backup squad first, IMO).

To review:


Rifles? Preferably 7.62x51 or better (like 7.62x54R/.30-06/.300/.338/.50 cal - Barrett semi auto rifle) Lots of mags. Lots of backup.

The best thing you can do with a handgun-only scenario is to save the last round for yourself...............................

My .02 cents.


P.S. I sucked at the Military Rifle Match this weekend. Personal performance was disgusting. My team took 1st Place, though, so the day wasn't a total loss happy.gif

Posted on Mar 11, 2012, 7:04 PM
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