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Timberghosts sent me this for you and this explanation.

"I've heard it and have a little recorded. I've heard it a LOT but this is the only recording I have of it. One night I heard Monsters outside. My daughter and I were living alone because it was after the big divorce. I set my recorder out figuring I would get something on tape. This is from one of the first digital recorders out there and before digital stereo recorders so the quality is lame. About midnight my daughter starts texting me saying the Monsters were outside her bedroom window sounding off like a horse, then like a owl. I tried to calm her by telling her nothing was out there but she wasn't buying it. A few minutes later they started scratching on her window so she came and got in bed with me. This was around midnight and about 1am I got up to go to the bathroom. This recording was exactly 1am and a few seconds later I could hear myself in the house. Something slaps several times on the air conditioner outside and sounds like it whispers "somebody's coming".... Can't say for sure but that's what it sounds like.
Anyway, I had Monsters around the house and on the porches all night. Probably ten hours of vocals on this one recording and everything from Bionic bird calls, to all out screams and everything in between. A good recorder and I would have had some serious s**t on tape".

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