My Dad & Cancer

by Surveyor

Jim, I know I told you I'd have those images & distances done for you so the size of the monsters in the pics you had could be calculated, and I'm sorry that I haven't delivered yet. You guys prayed last fall when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and after just a few chemo treatments, there was no sign of it except 1 small spot in his lungs. A couple of weeks ago they ran some tests because he kept complaining with back pain. It was a new doctor to look at some other aspect of his body, and they had not done any tests on his back because he has had back problems all his life. Well, it turned out that his spinal column was eaten up with cancerous cells. They set him up for chemo again. My youngest sister called Monday & said he had to go to the ER Sunday because he thought he had pneumonia. It turns out that he had a collapsed lung. They put him in ICU & his cancer doctor did some more tests before starting treatments. The cancer was in his spine, his lungs, his pancreas, his liver, and his brain. I'm sure I'm missing some other areas. Oh yeah, there is a tumor on the front of his neck, about where you would do a tracheotomy. They decided to call in hospice, and they all agreed not to inflate his collapsed lung, but to send him home Tuesday morning & let him spend his last few days with his family while home hospice people made him comfortable.
Of course we left MS heading to St. Augustine, FL as soon as we could make arrangements, which was Tuesday morning. My little sister called while we were on the way and said they were not sending him home, and he probably only had a few hours left. We got that call when the belt broke on our excursion and we were stuck for a couple of hours getting going again. He opened his eyes when we got to the hospice center and acted like he knew me & understood what I was saying, but he has not opened his eyes or responded to anything since, and I know he is caught between letting go and fighting. We sat there today watching him die, not knowing if it would be today or next week. I'm rambling, I know, but this is hard. I need y'all to pray for my dad and my family. His name is Joseph O'Steen, his wife (my step mom) is Chris, I am Shawn (wife Kim)and I am the oldest, my sister Andie Young (husband Rod) is next, then 1/2 sister Mandie Stevens (Jason), and 1/2 brother Patrick. We're all tired and weary. What a heck of a father's day memory this will be.

Posted on Jun 14, 2012, 10:38 PM
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