P.S. - sounds on this audio. Issues? Inconsistencies?

by MikeInNC


I think I hear two people "walking away" at the end of the audio. Does anyone else pick up the odd number/pacing of steps? Assuming there is a second person, was it just an error on the part of the person posting the audio to not mention that? (Worst case scenario, the second person is playing the sounds to be recorded on the audio and then reported as crypto/BF sounds?)

After paying a little more attention I see the kid's project was to record sounds at night. I find that kind of "fishy", unless the kid was very young. How much "research" needs to be done to record crickets, coyotes, and owls?

Also, am I hearing crickets while the howling is going on? Isn't it a general "rule" that insects shut up when monsters are around? Or, is the "silent treatment" optional?

I still find it odd that BFs would broadcast their positions so close to a human intruder, unless (assuming this is legit) the BFs were actually attempting to frighten off the intruder.

I hate to be such a stick in the mud, but when 1, 2, 3 things seem out of phase with the story and generally accepted/recognized BF behavior, my Spidey sense starts asking questions.

Your thoughts?

-Mike in NC

Posted on Jun 21, 2012, 8:46 AM
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