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About 5 years ago my boyfriend and I had an encounter that left me a bit disturbed at the time. Now prior to this particular encounter I had heard these animals mimic deer bleats, owls, crows, cows,coyote howls, wild hogs and a few other wild animal sounds. They are excellent mimics but do sound a bit "offkey" when mimicing other animals. The encounter went like this.
My boyfriend, Jason, is not as woods savvy as I am, he didn't grow up hunting or fishing but he took to looking for BF sign like a duck takes to water. I worried about him in the woods then and now still do but not as much as I used to.
The day in question was in late September, the weather was great and we decided to take a stroll to see if our Clans had returned from their late summer haunts. When the creek dries up they leave and then return when it starts flowing again. I was scouting the edges of "The Dead Zone" and Jason took off for parts unknown across the creek, I told him to stay within hollering distance so that if he found something interesting he could holler at me and I'd come take a look. Well we'd been in our separate areas for about an hour and I hollered at Jason basically to see where he was, he answered me so I answered back "just checking" and went on about my business.
More time passed and I hollered at him again to locate him, he answered and once again I told him " just checking". I moved up the creek to the north end of the property to check out one of the wooded areas in the general area that I had heard Jason answer from but still on the opposite side of the creek from him. About 30 minutes after I hollered at him the second time I heard him holler "Yeah!" I didn't answer him and a few more minutes passed he hollered "Yeah" again. I thought that was strange after thinking about it for a few minutes so I was just fixin to holler at him when he hollered at me to meet him at the bridge. I answered him, told him "OK" and in a few minutes we met at the bridge. When I got there he was annoyed and asked me why I had kept hollering at him and then not answering.
The conversation went like this:
Jason: "Why did you keep hollering at me and then not answering me when I hollered back?"
Me : "I only hollered at you twice and I answered back both times."
Jason: " No you didn't you hollered at me several times and you wouldn't answer me back so I just quit answering you."
Me: "No, I only hollered at you twice."
Jason: "Then who was hollering at me, there is only the two of us on this place."
Me: "I dunno but it wasn't me."
(Silence for a few minutes)
Jason: "Do the Monkeys talk?"
Me: "Not that I'm aware of unless you're Janice Coy." "At least not in english."
Jason: "What if they can?"
Me: " I'm not even going to speculate on that."
Jason: "Why not?"
Me: "Because that would mean one of two things, either they are capable of human speech and understand what they are saying in the same sense or similar to the way we do or that they mimic what they hear with minimal understanding much the same way a parrot does." " To be perfectly honest neither idea sets well in my head." " Let's just drop this whole conversation and see what else we can find."
Jason wasn't really interested in letting this subject matter go but when I simply refused to talk about it he finally gave up. We moved back up the creek into a heavily wooded area and decided to take a break. We sat down on an old log and were sitting there smoking a cigarette and talking when I heard a voice say "Jason" Actually it was said like "JAY-SON". I jumped up off the log and turned around as the voice came from behind us. I got cold chills and then a hot flush when my adrenalin kicked in, LOL Jason is still sitting on the log with a smug look on his face. He said " I told you."
Then again the voice said "JAY-SON" only this time from another area but still close. The voice was somewhat gutteral but definitely understandable.
Then a third time "JAY-SON" from the same area as the second time. Ok I had had it, I told Jason that it was time to go and I guess the look on my face told him there was no need to argue so we left and went back to the house. The "Jason BF" is still here and from time to time we will still hear that gutteral voice say Jason's name.

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