Yes Big D . . . but . . . there are no "buts"

by Big D


This is true, however if the evil spirit is cast out by envoking the Holy Spirit of God, and the Holy Spirit indwells the person, the evil spirit or spirits have no dominion there when they return. You have taken the verses out of context. In the first part of Chapter 11, the pharisees were accusing Jesus of casting out evil spirits in the name of the devil. Jesus asks why would evil cast out evil? (paraphasing of course). This is where the saying "a house divided against itself will fall" (verse 17). The story that Jesus was telling in the verses prior to the ones you listed was that when He casts out spirits, His Kingdom comes in and indwells within you. So the house has not just been cleaned out, it has been ceaned out and occupied by a more powerful presence (His Kingdom). He again restates this by saying that a strong man can lose his possessions to a stronger man if attacked. Especially if the strong man puts his faith in the wrong things (ie. his might alone). When we put our destiny in our own capabilities and might alone, we are setting ourselve up for failure when a more prepared, more powerful enemy comes along. And though we may repel the enemy (temptation) for a while, the enemy will simly go get more help and come back and eventually we will fall, unless we are protected by the will of someone sronger than ourselves. That someone is GOD!

If you will reread the entire chapter, with this post in mind, I think you will see that you actually helped me proved what I said in my post, that is that God is all we need to put the devil and his evilness behind us. Thanks for responding. God Bless!

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