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Bigfoot News March 12, 2014

Posted by Robert Lindsay

Smashing news on the Rick Dyer story the biggest news so far! The object that Rick Dyer is currently hauling around the country dubbed Hank has been proven to be 100% fake!

Very recently, two men who had been harboring suspicions that the object in the box on tour was fake pulled the lid off the box and examined the fake Hank with their own hands. Their suspicions had been building for some time, and finally they both just said, Screw this, were taking the cover off! They removed the cover and promptly busted the case. They immediately realized that it was fake. The hair is some sort of camel hair, as the haters have been saying all along. And the body is totally synthetic, except that hair may be real hair from a camel. Apparently just bending the feet is enough to tell the thing is fake. They are pliablelike foam rubber, in the words of one of the men who examined the fake Hank.

However, everyone around Hank was fooled until the cover came off.

The haters and even some Dyer supporters have said all along that the face/head that Musky described after his visit looks very little like the face/head of the fake tour object. For starters, we can look at the hairline.

I know the name of one of the men who opened the box, but I cannot reveal it. I do not know the name of the other man, who I will call X. Andrew was present at the box opening too and immediately left for the airport to fly home. Dyer is lying when he says the Andrew left because his Visa was up. Instead, Andrew left because he either thought that the whole thing was a hoax or at least that Rick had been lying to him and leading him along all this time. Rick definitely made Andrew look pretty bad made him look like a cheap huckster con artist. Thats what Rick is, but is that what Andrew is too? Perhaps not.

Those who found the body to be fake yesterday are preparing a public statement to be released soon, possibly within 24 hours.

If you look at Dyers mysterious statement from seven hours ago on his Facebook page where he hinted that it might be a replica and then added cryptically, Would they let me travel around with the greatest discovery of the century in back of a $12,000 trailer?

I predict that Dyers damage-control strategy will be this: Did they give me a copy of the real Bigfoot without me knowing?

The haters were correct to identify this fake Hank as fake. They pointed out the many ways in which it was obviously fake to them, and it turns out that they were correct. Thats some great investigate reporting by them, and they were right in the end. Kudos especially to Randy Filipovics blog who pioneered the investigation of the fake Hank. In addition, some of the haters other questions are starting to make sense now. If the tour object was real, why let Rick construct that cheap box in his garage rather than have one made professionally with fool-proof security built in.

No one knows what Rick picked up in Washington at the start of the year, whether it was the real body or this fake. If he picked up the fake, then it is quite possible that Chris Russell may have made it.

Is Dyer guilty of fraud for touring with the fake object? Well, his tack on the tour has been Believe it or notIs it real? You be the judge,so that may be enough to let him off the hook.

What is fascinating is that Frank Cali, who in my opinion is a huge liar, may turn out to be prophetic in this matter. Cali has stated three different times that Dyer told him that there are two bodies theres a real body and a fake one he is going to tour with.

A number of Dyer believers, including Christopher Noel and I, continue to believe Ricks story that he shot and killed a Bigfoot, Hank in San Antonio 1 1/2 years ago. We now know that the thing in the trailer is a fake. We think it is just a replica. We believe that Hank is real, but Rick was not permitted to take him on tour due to his value. In fact, Noel was arguing this to me a week ago, saying that there is no way that this billionaire owner would trust this loose cannon Rick Dyer with one of the most valuable finds of the 20th Century. Noel turned out to be right, as he often does.

The big question now for we believers is whether the fake Hank was modeled on the real Hank. I believe it may well have been.

Rick Dyer announced the other day that the first leg of his tour is over and he is going back to Vegas for the next 90 days where he will work on his Bigfoot videos that he has for sale and do little else. Dyer also said that the scientists who worked on the body will be issuing some sort of a statement in that 90 day period. This is what I predicted earlier more or less. I said that a press conference would follow the first leg of the tour and precede the second leg of the tour. This scientists statement will apparently be released in the interim between the first and second legs of the tour.

Dyer also announced today that another big announcement would be coming in the next couple of weeks. I have no idea what that announcement is about.

Definitely much more to come! Breaking news!

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