As bad as Roger was...

by TC

I just recently heard an interview with Gimlin and I believe that he knew Roger was a scoundrel. They weren't friends and Patterson used Gimlin to the point of abuse (my interpretation)he did to get them our there...his knowledge on tracking. Without Bob Gimlin there wouldn't be a film. My theory is Patterson was trying to get rich quick and that he figured out these things were real. At that time following the monster crazed 50's that all those folks who went to the quarter B movie drive ins were still young enough to go nuts for the real thing. Bob Gimlin got sick of of the whole thing and later gave up his rights to the film.
In filming portion of the encounter Patterson was freaking out and fell off his horse. He screams at Gimlin to cover him Gimlin gets off his horse terrified because he had seen the creature much better than the film showed it and he was in awe. Why would Roger be so insistent on Bob covering him? In the interview, Bob says he was disappointed in the film when he saw it. He believed it didn't capture but only a small amount of what they experienced that day. Also, Gimlin has, I believe, only done a couple of interviews since 67. He came across to me as honest and a guy who had seen the real McCoy that day. He also came across as a guy that just recently forgave Patterson for all the BS.
They will forever be linked together and one was a quiet cowboy and one was selling snake oil. I think Patterson did luck into something real but like everything else he did he made it seem shady and wrong because all he cared about was getting money off it which would make anyone question it's authenticity. We all know the amount of analysis that has been put into breaking every frame of the film down and as tricky as Roger was he couldn't have faked the thigh and actual height etc.

Here's what it comes down to. Gimlin either lied or he didnt. With Patterson, I don't think truth mattered...he was lying even when he wasn't. People like the guy who made the comment about us living in a fantasy all day..think everyone is lying about everything. (Monster Hunter...they get you every time...ignore know what you've seen)
If folks out there have been in the woods as much as some with an open mind... they'd know something is out there. You just have too open your eyes and ears. My point is there are 1000s of sightings and I'm sure some folks are lying but not everyone is. The Indians were not all lying...the missionaries of yesterday, Teddy and the mountain men weren't all lying. They had no reason to and then of the 1000s of people that have seen them...there are 1000s more that have not reported what they have seen...are they lying too?

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