Agree with Peace!

by Mr. Phelps

Mr. or Mrs. Peace,

I have read your thoughtful and open minded post regarding these hillbillies and I can only say one thing...."Bravo!" Hard hitting, informed, and obviously right on target ( excuse the hunting reference!)

Mr. or Mrs. Peace, it's worse than you can ever imagine! You see, I have been abundantly blessed with rugged chiseled good looks, with an extremely high I.Q. It was not just pot luck that I graduated 277th out of a class of 300 at my high school. 276 darn near if it weren't for nasty campus politics and the discriminatory practice of requiring passing grades...but I digress...what was pre-med's loss, is the worlds gain!

Mr. or Mrs. Peace, I, Mr. Phelps, have utilized my special prowess in order to gain the confidence of these hillbillies and infiltrate their organization! Oh sure, they call themselves Red Necks, Cajuns, cowboys, teachers, doctors, lawyers, policemen, firemen, computer technicians and everything else under the sun...but don't let them fool you...Hillbillies one and all!
I've seen it! I've seen the secret hillbilly handshakes. The hillbilly tobacco spitting contests right after they BBQ'ed their they're hillbilly road kill! The women hillbillies may even be more cunning than the male hillbillies, combing their hair and wearing makeup and investigating right along side the male hillbillies...they're not fooling me at all Mr. or Mrs. Peace!

Now don't you worry, I don't think they're going to ever succeed in this endeavor simply because Bigfoot, feets, foots, don't exist!

In the mean time, I shall observe these hillbillies as they continue to investigate reports of bigfoot, feets, foots, and attempt to obtain scientific evidence of their existence. Further, those specific hunting hillbillies, with their pick-up trucks and baseball caps, and duck dynasty t-shirts...( the camo colored ones, not the solids ), I shall keep an extra eye out! I know who THEY are!!

For footnote purposes THEY = Hunting Hillbillies, not the semi docile investigating hillbillies

Sincerely in secret,

Phelps 0 0 7, investigator of the hillbilly investigators. Esquire L L C
No animals were harmed in the writing of this message

Posted on Apr 25, 2015, 9:08 PM
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