I have noted tree sign that is fairly unusual...

by Circlewalker

I know there are monsters in my area and while I did not actually see monsters doing these things often the tree sign is so massive I cant explain it as a naturally occurring event. I will show some samples of tree sign:

1. I am seeing telephone pole sized trees with all branches removed, often but not always with the bark removed... leaning on live trees

photo DSCN0451_zpsfwubxqyp.jpg

photo DSCN0456_zpsiwy67yzs.jpg

photo 2011-06-25_12-54-48_313_zpswao7jqnf.jpg

2. I also have found several dead trees leaning in on a live tree in a giant tripod type formation

photo 112_zpsejun1siv.jpg

photo DSCN0686_zps6nvhvvvx.jpg

3. I have some arch type formations

photo DSCN0582_zpsbiexsr0v.jpg

photo DSCN0660_zpsqelcl1cr.jpg

4. T Type formations
photo DCFN0023_zpsgkrgvs3d.jpg

photo 2011-06-25_12-56-55_241_zps8vpb0rzt.jpg

photo 10_zpsnv3ob80x.jpg

5. Root end of a tree placed into another tree

photo tree formation_zpseecp70k1.jpg

photo DSCN0629_zpszizfpgdq.jpg

photo Blurred-47_866_zpsvufv4fjn.jpeg

6. This was a trail block... i couldn't budge those sticks also the trees were bent over and braided into the bush on the other side.
photo 125_zpsn5uhltyk.jpg

5. This was a tree I was using as protection as I was trying to get a picture of as a monster when he went into the bushes... When I came back it was broken at the 10 foot mark. I could not find the top of this tree anywhere

photo 051_zpsphbfuqti.jpg

7. These sticks were used to hold down a fence... This is where the female is teaching her small ones to cross the fences in the area... This is in the first clearing

photo 080_zpshluxocu8.jpg

This is the other stick on the fence... There is a monster in the back

photo 081_zpsjsqjoz3j.jpg

Blow up of same picture
photo ASeptanomalyz_zpsii2x68cp.jpeg

photo SeptTreepeeeker_zps2etuhodd.jpeg

8. This formation was directly over a deer trail and is a 6 piece formation those two verticalsticks were touching the formation

photo 2011-06-25_13-02-19_209_zpszp95rs7a.jpg

9. This is what I think is a warning... I was bluff charged that day
photo DSCN1863_zpst5muwylp.jpg

photo DSCN1864_zpse57be9hr.jpg

These are molar teeth marks
photo DSCN2003_zpszbnzhnwa.jpg

I haven't seen any balls or other "human" items at all here


Posted on May 25, 2015, 3:44 PM
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