Opinions if this might work

by Versatile.

Collect about 15-20 old bowling balls. Mark them and date them so you will know they are yours. Take these bowling balls to spots that you know have activity. One ball for each location. Hide the balls at each location so that most humans would never see them. Make a base location for several more right near your camp. Lets say about three covered up with brush etc make it so no human will readily move the brush. Disperse some of them as you come towards your cam possibly. You are wanting to see how far out a BF might possibly range in territory or are others working in unison to bring them to one central location or at least take them away from where you planted them and then eventually reappear somewhere else.. Hopefully they might locate all the balls at your base location. Any action of these bowling balls being moved and then found relocated would be considered a successful test. Yes it is pure speculation that they will even touch them let alone move them anywhere. We won’t know until the attempt is made. Time will not hurt this test so long as the balls are marked and dated I think we might have no idea as to how far the range at times.
Several years ago we camped right off the LeFlore/McCurtain Cty line about 4-6 miles west of the AR state line. There is a tavern on this road. The next morning I did some circles around camp and found a spot where something on 2 ft had stood behind a Pine tree and observed our camp. At that spot I found a pile of crap that started out cylindrical and the changed over to gooey runny stuff that contained plenty of berry seeds. My base camp location in McCurtain cty was about 16 miles due south as the crow flies. Definitely not by road. I went east to 71 hwy and then south about 16 miles and then back west to my usual camp. Upon arrival I noticed a few interesting things not pertaining to this subject.
The next morning I found a pile of crap that was so identical from the one found 16 miles north and it made me wonder if they were made by the same BF.

One draw back is if they get thrown at you!

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