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I have heard many different knocks while out. Some knocks are knock-response while others can not logically be a bird due to the knock sequence. Sometimes one set of knocks will be overtly heard but the other knocks are not-- but are picked up on audio...

It is my assertion that monsters have a much more sophisticated communication going on using knocks than is realized. It is much, much more than the single knocks seen on those TV shows...

My frustration is that many want evidence short, neatly framed and conclusive when it needs to be thoroughly analyzed and developed as a body of evidence in context over time. This point includes photographic evidence... especially when I state it took me weeks to discern anatomical orientation when others will superficially view evidence over a few hours and state "I don't see the detail you state." My point is evidence needs to be studied not scanned.

Having said that... this is a short knock sequence where the second series of knocks doesn't seem plausible as a bird:

This is a sequence that is a knock and response... note near the end there is a "different" sounding knock... That knock is coming from a different location. Also the taps seem to be in a sequence
ex. 1-2...1,2,3,4===1,2,3,4===1,2,3 etc. - not quite what a bird would do IMHO

I have hours of this type of audio...


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