Hog Beds and BFRO

by TC


Bfro keeps up with sightings on a fairly consistent basis and I gander at them once and awhile mainly looking at my area of East TX and West Louisiana. They had one today that had pics of a bed that they determined was a monster bed. I am not saying creatures don't make them because it seems logical but I will say hogs do as well. Hogs will make them and they are large elaborate dwellings some even providing a little protection from elements. They are referred to as "loafing beds" apparently big sows that are pregnant will prepare these areas before birth and keep the piglets off the wet ground. This happening takes place in the bottoms and they use whatever foliage is around. These beds can be a foot or more deep and few yards wide. Since, April and March can still be chilly around the South at night it makes since. Now, monsters I'm sure do similar things...I'm sure that people have come across these as well but a big sow with litter may need a wide area to "loaf" in. I just think that it should be mentioned when you report these dwellings that other animals do similar things. The pigs make big elaborate beds. I've spent a bunch of time in the bottoms on and off over the years and I haven't seen but a few and I couldn't tell you what made them until you look for tracks and scat. So...for the BFRO to not mention these it's kind of silly. It's like every report is placed by very experienced woodsman. I'm out there a bunch but wouldn't call myself an call myself an expert woodsman. I would leave that delineation to folks who live and make their money out there daily.

Posted on Aug 13, 2015, 5:16 AM
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