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September 16 2004 at 10:54 AM
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DariaDOD  (Login DariaDOD)
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Disclaimer: I disclaimer everything I just borrowed the WWE characters and VKM and the superstars themselves own the characters. I don’t make any money of it, so don’t sue me.

Characters: Kane, Lita, Undertaker, Gangrel, Viscera others as I see fit.

Summary: Spoilers: two old superstars return tonight that’s where I’m getting this idea from, that and the fact I’ll be combining this and the Kane and the Lita storyline in a different way to do the story from the way WWE does it. Complete character story of course.

Distribution: my site http://dodnet.tk Twist of Fate Fan Fiction, Realm of the Phoenix, Shelly’s, The Hang Out, Scorpina’s, The Square Circle, some yahoo and msn groups.

Chapter 1

Kane’s POV:

“Lita you’ll be ok.” I held her hand as they tried to take her on the bed to the ambulance.
“No Kane please no!” What did she want? I was too scared to leave her side.
“It’s ok Lita, they’ll take care of you.” I got in the ambulance with her. I didn’t think it was humanly possible that the big red monster actually felt sorry for what I have done.

“We all set?” Asked Viscera.
“Of course it will be interesting to see if we can pull this off.” Said Gangrel.
“Did you get a hold of Bradshaw’s student?” Asked Viscera.
“Orlando? Yes and I brainwashed him to.”
“What for he’s a bad guy isn’t he?”
“You never know with some people they may be weak minded and he might eventually turn to the Undertaker for guidance.”
“Gangrel the Undertaker is weak.”
“Smackdown needs a new leader Viscera.”

Matt’s POV:

I got to the hospital when I saw what happened. I got to the waiting room. Right away I saw Kane hanging his head in his hands.
“You fucking bastard she lost the baby cause of you!” I yelled. He stood up.
“Don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think I feel bad? It was my child.” Said Kane to me. I didn’t care that he had a depressed look at that moment I grabbed him and tried to do some wrestling moves on him. Next thing we both heard was the doctor.
“You’re the one that came in with Lita?”
“Yes, I’m her husband.” I heard Kane say, I felt a pang of hurt when he said that.
“And you?” Asked the doctor.
“A-- friend.” I squeaked out.
“She lost the baby.”
“Can we see her?” I ask.
“Only for a short time.” Said the doctor. He lead the way.


The Undertaker was on his cell in his hotel room.
“Paul I feel a presence.” He was talking to Paul Bearer.
“I know why you cemented me Undertaker, you needed to get rid of your conscience and I was the only one to stop you from doing what you need to do.”
“That’s why I apologized Paul.”
“Taker do what’s in your heart it’s the only thing you can do.” They hung up the phone.

Lita’s POV:

I watch Kane and Matt came in. Matt, sounds like lemon to me now. I might have known he would come in with Kane. I looked away disgusted.
“Lita.” Said Kane. I look back at them.
“Yes?” I asked. Kane kneeled by my bed and put his hand on top of mine.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to fall on you.” I look at Matt, I wanted to strangle Matt for some reason and I didn’t know why.
“Kane, it wasn’t time.” I replied. He kissed my hand and as I rubbed his head I saw Matt leave defeated out of the corner of my eye.


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chapter 2

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September 17 2004, 12:59 AM 

Chapter 2

*Author’s note: One Eddie Bear’s net access is down till next week in the town he lives in and I’m going out there after work today so after this chapter I won’t be able to write another one till Monday morning. Please forgive me. Second note. I apologize for any spelling errors that aren’t caught or grammar errors, I got so happy seeing Gangrel and Viscera last night I snapped all the bones in my right hand and it hurts like hell to do anything even type. Sorry again.

Kane found Matt in the arena before a house show.
“We have a decision to make.” Said Kane. Matt looked at him as he stood up in the ring.
“No Kane she already made it.” Said Matt.
“What do you mean?” Asked Kane.
“Pick her up Kane, it’s you she wants now.” Matt left. Matt left.

Undertaker’s POV:

I knew I smelled something funny about ready to go down. How can my old Dark Coven turn on me? Bring back Farooq and Mideon and it’s déjà vu all over again. What’s next Christian and Edge come back to Smackdown and turn on me to? What the hell did I do to Gangrel and Viscera? I heard the door knock and I look up to see who was going to come into the locker room.
“Come.” Two men walked in.
“We saw what happened.” Said Christian.
“You wanna join them so you can get a piece of me to?” I asked them.
“No, we want to help you.” Said Edge.
“Well then pull up a couple of chairs and sit down.” I was interested in what they had to say now.

Kane bought flowers to Lita in the hospital. She sniffed them.
“They’re beautiful.” She said as she finished getting dressed. He sat beside her.
“I want to talk to you.”
“Yes?” Asked Lita.
“I saw Matt.”
“Oh really?”
“Don’t you want to know what he had to say?”
“Why should I care?”
“He said that you want me.” If Lita didn’t know better she say that Kane sounded confused.
“Did he now?” Kane looked at Lita.
“I want to know something.”
“Do you?” Lita looked at Kane thinking thoughts in her head.

“What an adrenaline rush!” Said Gangrel.
“Tell me about it the Undertaker is going to pay.” Said Viscera.
“Keep in mind our prime objective.” Said Bradshaw.
“We know use Mordecai as our leader to reform the Ministry and get rid of the Undertaker for good.” Said Gangrel.
“I don’t know about this.” Said Orlando.
“What do you mean?” Asked Viscera.
“I wasn’t around when Undertaker had the Ministry but I don’t know if this something I don’t want to mess with.”
“Is your boy going soft?” Asked Viscera.
“Nah don’t worry about it Orlando knows what he is doing.” Said Bradshaw.
“Besides my boy you’re forgetting Undertaker can’t do anything for real, he has no clue, all he is brute strength nothing more.” Said Gangrel.

“Well?” Asked Kane. Lita held Kane’s hand.
“Kane, I don’t know what I feel right now. All I know is I look at Mat and I feel disgusted. But if you want me I want to be right by your side.” Kane hugged Lita.

“How do you propose we stop my old pupils?” Asked Undertaker.
“We don’t really know yet but we have to come up with a plan.” Said Edge.
“Alright meet me at my hotel room tonight.” Said Undertaker.
“We’ll be there.” Said Christian. Edge and Christian left and Undertaker began to worry what he has gotten himself into.

TBC……. On Monday unfortunately.

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chapter 3

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September 20 2004, 1:56 AM 

Chapter 3

Undertaker’s POV:

I was sitting in my hotel room with two of the former Brood members, guess which ones?
“You got any ideas Taker?” Asked Christian.
“We gotta figure out why Bradshaw planned all this.” I said to the blonde.
“Reform the Ministry?” Asked Edge.
“Without me? I was the leader, the m….” I trailed off.
“The master.” Edge finished.
“Sometimes I wish I didn’t do it.”
“We know that Taker. But maybe Edge’s right maybe he wants to reform the Ministry.” Christian said to me.
“Maybe but one things for sure I’m not heading it again.”
“Maybe that’s what they want.” Said Edge. I looked at them the three of us knowing if we don’t stop Bradshaw, Gangrel or Viscera bad shit was going to happen.

“So you have done what I have asked?”
“Mordecai weren’t you watching when we gave Undertaker the beat down?” Asked Bradshaw.
“Yes but that is only the beginning.” Said Mordecai.
“You think after that fun we’ll want to stop?” Asked Viscera.
“Keep in mind the Undertaker is weak he still sold out to his fans just like Kane said, he is still one of them. Dressing in black means nothing.” Said Mordecai.
“I think we know our old master better then you do.” Said Viscera.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Asked Mordecai.
“It means we’ll handle things regarding the Undertaker.” Said Gangrel.

Kane’s hotel room:

Kane and Lita were naked getting freaky in the bedroom.
“Oh Kane.” He looked at her.
“You sure you want this?”
“Yes.” She replied as she kissed down his body. She finally reached her destination his cock. She kissed the head of the cock and used her tongue. Then she pulled back.
“Tease.” He said.
“Wait.” She stated. She engulfed it in her mouth and started to suck on it like there was no tomorrow.
“Oh yes.” Said Kane. As she sucked on his cock, she positioned herself on her knees and spread her legs so he can reach under them and play with he box.
“MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” She moaned.
“Oh damn keep going.” He said. She didn’t need anymore encouragement she began to suck harder as he played with her box faster. As he did that he reached in the back and put a finger in her ass to work it around. She looked up.
“What are you doing?” She asked.
“I still want you to bore my child but you’re not ready.”
“I’m not?”
“No.” She nodded and they went back to work on each other. A few minutes later he put her on her back and gave her a kiss then entered her asshole slowly.
“Oh Kane faster.”
“You sure Lita?”
“Yes.” He complied and went faster, pulling out and then slamming back in.
“Oh shit Lita!” He screamed.
“Harder!” She screamed back and he complied some more. A few minutes of that and he sat her up. He sat on the edge of the bed and placed her ass on his cock sitting up.
“Fuck me.” He said. She wrapped his arms around his neck and as Kane played with her breasts Lita bounced up and down on his cock.
“Oh god Kane, oh god Kane.” She moaned.
“I can’t hold on much longer Lita.”
“Then do it.” She said. With one growl and one more bounce on his cock he came in her ass. They held each other in their arms.
“I love you.” Said Kane.
“Dito.” Said Lita as they fell asleep.

Meanwhile Undertaker, Edge and Christian made it to Matt’s hotel room. What they saw when they got there was Matt heavily drinking. Beer, vodka, Crown, Baileys.
“What in the hell is he doing with Labatts?” Asked Christian.
“They fucking sell Canadian shit here to are didn’t you know that perfect little Christian?” Asked Matt. He was about to take another swig of Crown when Undertaker put down the glass.
“You had enough.” Said Undertaker.
“The Undertaker, the big bad evil Deadman, acting father like? Haven’t you had enough of your former Ministry yet to last you a lifetime?” Asked Matt.
“You’re drunk I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.” Said Undertaker.
“I’m not fucking drunk I’m fucking sober you’re fucking drunk.”
“Matt don’t argue with the Undertaker you know you can’t win.” Said Edge. Matt got up and was about to go and pour some more alcohol but Undertaker turned him around.
“Fuck you deadman!” Yelled Matt. Undertaker punched him and then put him over his shoulder.
“He’s going to pissed off at you tomorrow.” Said Edge.
“He might but he’ll know I’m doing this for his own good.” Said Undertaker. Edge grabbed the card key to lock Matt’s door.
“Where are we taking him?” Asked Christian.
“My room.” Said Undertaker and they went.

Lita was back to doing what she was doing earlier.
“Mmmmmmmmm Lita.”
“Don’t say a word Kane.”
“I’m still tired from the last round.” He said.
“Don’t worry let me do all the work.” She went down on him again as he put his hand on top of her head he stated:
“You’re going to be the death of me yet.”


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chapter 4

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September 21 2004, 1:28 AM 

Chapter 4

Lita woke up in the night in a cold sweat. She looked over at the sleeping Kane and then went to the bathroom. After she came back she found Kane sleeping on his back so she pushed the blanket back and went down on him.
“Mmmmmmmmm.” He moaned.
“Shhhhhhhh.” She said. She continued what he was doing. He was enjoying it.

Undertaker as well woke up in a cold sweat to but not for the same reasons obviously. He got out of bed, went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up. He then went to the extra bedroom and checked on Matt who was sleeping soundly. Undertaker knew he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep so he went back into the main room and watched TV quietly.

In the morning RVD was driving a young woman in his rental.
“You ok?” He asked.
“Just nervous.” She said. He stopped the car.
“Why DeLaura?”
“We’ve known each other for a long time I didn’t want to tell you that I was in trouble.”
“That’s what friends are for.”
“I know but.”
“No buts you’ll hang around and watch what I do and you’ll be ok.”
“Ok thank you.” She stated.

Kane brought Lita onto him and she began to bounce down on his cock.
“Oh god Kane.”
“Lita faster.” He begged. Even though he was worn out he couldn’t help but want more. When he felt like he was going to come he pulled out and did his load on her breasts and she scooped up most of it and licked it off her fingers then she went to the bathroom to clean up. When she got back to the bed she went down on him again. He tapped her head.
“What?” She asked.
“No more Lita I’m worn out.” She raked her nails down his chest.
“I don’t care what you want, it’s about what I need.”
“What do you need?”
“To forget.” She said. He let her continue what she was doing not sure what he got himself into.

Smackdown Show Mordecai was back but nobody made a connection to him and 3 of Undertaker’s former Ministry members. He saw RVD and the girl walking to the locker room. He snuck over to Bradshaw’s.
“The girl.”
“What?” Asked Bradshaw.
“I want her as my first sacrifice to show the Undertaker that I will reign.”
“We’ll get her.” Said Gangrel.
“Remember do not let anyone know that I’m associated with you or else the cover is blown.” Said Mordecai.
“Don’t you think someone could have seen you come in here?” Asked Viscera as Mordecai thought about what he just said.

“Morning Sunshine.” Said Undertaker.
“What time is it?” Asked Matt.
“Afternoon actually time for show tonight.”
“I go on Raw.” Stated Matt.
“You’re not doing a Raw show tonight you’re staying with me on Smackdown.”
“Taker dude I don’t swing that way.”
“Not that way and you know it.”
“I feel like shit do I have to go?”
“Yes you do, I’ll need you around.”
“To find out why you are involved in this mess.”
“I’m not involved in your mess I’m involved in my mess and I’m not even doing that anymore.”
“What do you mean?”
“Kane won he got my girl.”
“That’s your biggest mistake son.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’ll be sticking with me for the next little while, sooner or later you’ll have to learn how to deal with my brother and Lita.”
“And I guess who better to teach me then the Undertaker.”
“Go get ready.” Matt hobbled to the bathroom.

Mordecai left the former Ministry members locker room and ran smack into Dawn Marie.
“I knew it.” Said Dawn Marie.
“What do you know?” He asked. She pressed out her fake boobs to his chest and ran a finger down his cheek.
“That Bradshaw was too stupid to pull any attack on the Undertaker off. Somehow I knew someone was behind the scenes.”
“Sinner what do you know about it?”
“I know how to get the Undertaker and if you don’t let me help you will be found out.” He wrapped an arm around her and as they started to walk he said:
“Tell me more.”


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chapter 5

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September 22 2004, 12:59 AM 

Chapter 5

Mordecai’s hotel room:

Dawn Marie ran her hands down his chest and he abruptly moved her hands away.
“I’m not interested in that sinner, you want to try it, try it with someone else.” She stopped what she was doing and sat down.
“Ok then.” She said.
“So you have an idea to get the Undertaker?” He asked.
“Yes but it requires something I don’t think you would do.”
“What do you mean?”
“Make a visit to Raw.”
“Word going around is that Lita went insane after her miscarriage. Kane can’t keep up with her. You want Undertaker get Lita.”
“What does one have to do with the other?”
“Lita and Kane are still involved even though she’s more nuts then a hen house.”
“Ok and?”
“You kidnap Lita, hold her somewhere and Kane will go to his brother for help.”
“Explain how this will effect the Undertaker.”
“The Undertaker and Kane always have had a rough brotherly relationship but deep down they still care about each other. You get Lita, it will hurt Kane and what hurts Kane hurts the Undertaker.”
“You figure it out, you can’t be that heartless.”
“Word is Undertaker is that heartless.”
“Undertaker has feelings you just have to find them and expose them.”
“So people won’t like him.”
“He’ll always be liked but then you’ll have the upper hand.”
“To reform the Ministry and have Undertaker right where I want him, as my servant, my slave and I’ll be his master.”
“Gee it takes you awhile to catch on.” Mordecai lifted Dawn Marie up by the arm.
“You want to show what you’re worth? Get RVD’s girl on Smackdown and bring her to Gangrel, Viscera and Bradshaw.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Pay a visit to Raw like you suggested.”
“You learn fast.” Dawn Marie left to do what she had to do. He began to make his plans to.

Lita bobbed up and down on Kane’s erection and he tried to push her off.
“Lita no more this is the 4th time in 2 hours.”
“I know I want more.” She clamped down on him with her teeth.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” He screamed. Then she climbed on him and positioned herself over his cock and started to jump and down on him.
“Oh god Kane I need more.”
“I can’t handle more.” He said between breaths. She cupped his chin.
“Tough I need to forget.” He nodded and she continued.

“So how do I get Lita back?” Asked Matt.
“First give it some time. She needs to heal inside. Then you need to confront my brother.”
“Taker dude no offence but why would I want to do that.”
“Kane loves confrontation, physical confrontation which is why I had to come back and deal with him at Mania. You need to confront him to show him who’s boss.”
“I see what you’re getting at.” They were in the Smackdown locker room and Undertaker looked up. “What’s wrong?” Asked Matt.
“I sense something.”
“What do you mean?”
“Stay here.”

After Lita’s brutal love making to Kane was over he held her in his arms as she slept. Sleep didn’t come easy for him all he can think of was this:
“What the hell am I going to do with this girl? She’s different, she’s like an animal.” He stared at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He realized for the first time that he cared about her.

“Hi.” Said Dawn Marie.
“Who are you?” Asked DeLaura.
“Dawn Marie, you want to come for a walk with me?” As she said that she heard footsteps and Undertaker’s voice in the hall asking questions. “Shit.” Dawn Marie went into the bathroom. That’s when the Undertaker walked in. He looked at DeLaura for the first time. She backed away at his huge frame.
“Van Damn?” He asked in his big gruff Taker voice.
“He’s not here, he’s talking to the GM.” She said timidly. He closed his eyes and still sensed something. He went over to her and held out his hand. She took it.
“Danger.” He said. She nodded and went with him.

Kane and Lita made it to the arena. Eric Bischoff found them.
“Do you know where Matt Hardy is?” He asked hands on hips.
“Who the fuck cares where Matt Hardy is.” Lita said and Kane just stared at her.
“I do, he’s on Smackdown again with the Undertaker.”
“Why the hell would he be with my brother?” Asked Kane.
“Kane, we don’t care where the fuck that little puissant is. Come on I need to order a scotch straight up before we work.” Said Lita walking away.
“Kane what has gotten into her?”
“Kane! Get your ass in gear.” Lita yelled back.
“When I find out I’ll let you know.” Eric nodded and Kane followed Lita.

“Did anyone come to see you?” Asked Undertaker as Matt stood by him and DeLaura sat.
“Someone named Dawn Marie.”
“Dawn Marie what does she have to do with this?” Asked Matt.
“She wanted me to go with her.” Said DeLaura.
“Maybe it’s legit.” Suggested Matt.
“No something’s wrong. What I felt came in that direction. There’s danger.”

Outside the room RVD was looking for DeLaura.
“Hey Kidman, Torrie you seen DeLaura?”
“Nah man haven’t saw her.” Said Kidman.
“I did the Undertaker took her with him.” RVD nodded.
“Thanks.” He said to Torrie.

Lita had her tiny hands wrapped around Kane’s throat.
“I’m fucking thirsty! Go see about my drink!” She ordered. This was getting insane, he took her hands and wrapped them around her back as he positioned her to his front.
“You need to chill out Lita. I’ll be back stay here and relax.” He let go and left. He was grateful that he can get away for a bit.

RVD walked into the Undertaker’s locker room.
“Ok Undertaker give her back.” RVD walked over to DeLaura and roughly got her up on her feet.
“It’s ok Rob Mr Undertaker and ah er.”
“Matt.” Said Matt.
“Matt were just being nice to me.” Said DeLaura.
“Yeah I could take a guess how nice they are.” Said RVD. Undertaker stared at him and used his onscreen Taker voice.
“Boy you got a lot of explaining to do.”
“I don’t have to explain shit and stay away from DeLaura.” Matt looked at RVD as Rob put his arm around DeLaura.
“The Undertaker said she was in danger.” Said Matt.
“Not as long as I’m around.” Said RVD as he took DeLaura out of there. Undertaker looked at Matt.
“That boy has a lot to learn.” Matt nodded.

Mordecai came into Kane’s locker room but Lita had her back turned switching shirts.
“It’s about fucking time Kane you moron.” Mordecai came up behind her and put a cloth over her nose and mouth. She had no choice but to breathe in the fumes. Mordecai after she passed out found a back exit to take Lita out of the arena and he hoped nobody saw him.

Kane came in shortly after and looked around. He put his hands on the sides of his head.
“Lita!” He screamed. He had a feeling in his heart that she wasn’t there.


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chapter 6

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September 23 2004, 12:58 AM 

Chapter 6

Mordecai threw water on Lita’s face. She sputtered and coughed awake. She found she was tied to the bed.
“You fucking idiot Kane will kill you when he finds out where I am.”
“Who says he’ll find out?” Asked Mordecai.
“He’ll fucking know.”
“Temper Little one, don’t swear.”
“What the fuck you going to do if I do?”
“Every sin you do you will pay greatly.”
“Ya you fucking wish! Untie me you fucking asshole!” He untied her long enough to pick her up and put her over his knee ass up to him and he smacked the hell out of her butt.

Kane was lost he couldn’t find Lita anywhere. He went back to his locker room and picked up his cell to call a number.

“What about DeLaura?” Asked Matt.
“What about her?” Asked Undertaker.
“You still think there is danger?”
“What are you going to do?”
“I’m keeping my eye out.” Undertaker’s cell rang and he picked it up. “Talk.”
“Brother. Lita ah.”
“What about Lita?” Asked Undertaker. Matt grabbed Taker’s arm.
“What’s wrong with my Lita?” Asked Matt and Undertaker motioned for him to be quiet.
“Brother Lita is gone.”
“What have you done with Lita Kane?” Asked Undertaker.
“I didn’t do anything to her. I love her. I came back to the locker room and she was gone.”
“Kane I have my own problems.”
“No this is your problem brother. The best that I could figure when I was snooping around to find her was that Victoria said she was kidnapped by a guy wearing a white robe. Sound familiar?” Kane was pissed he hung up the phone.
“Well?” Asked Matt.
“What do you mean?” Asked Matt.
“That’s the danger, come on.” Said Undertaker getting up.
“You have Gangrel and Viscera to face tonight.”
“Shit yeah I know. Ok go to Kane and tell him I’ll be there.”
“Ok.” Said Matt.
“Be careful.”
“In Kane’s state of mind no telling what he might to.” Matt nodded and left.

By the time Matt got back to Raw Kane was demolishing his locker room. Matt saw most of the superstars and Eric standing outside the door listening.
“Where the hell you been?” Asked Eric.
“Don’t ask.” Said Matt. Matt was going to open the door but Jericho stopped him.
“You don’t want to do that man.” Said Jericho.
“I have to.” Matt opened and went in. The door shut behind him. Kane stopped and turned around.
“What the hell do you want?”
“To help.” Kane put down the chair he was about to throw and looked at Matt.

Undertaker fought Viscera and Gangrel and afterwards in the back Gangrel came up to Undertaker.
“So Undertaker how is Lita?” Undertaker pushed Gangrel up to the wall.
“It was you.” Undertaker stated.
“You know who it was.”
“Why not?” Gangrel pushed Undertaker’s hand away and left.

“Help me?” Asked Kane.
“Yeah we need to get Lita back come on.”
“I don’t know Undertaker told me to get you.” Kane and Matt left. Eric yelled.
“Matt I want to talk to you!”
“Later.” Matt yelled back. The others went into Kane’s locker room. They looked around and Jericho did a low whistle.
“I’m not cleaning this mess up.” Said Stacy.
“Wait where the hell are Edge and Christian?” Asked Eric. Everyone looked at him and shrugged.

The former Ministry members made it to Mordecai’s where he was keeping Lita. Mordecai was in the living room.
“Where is Lita?” Asked Gangrel.
“She’s taking a nap.” Said Mordecai.
“You drugged her?” Asked Viscera and Mordecai nodded.
“I want something else.” Said Mordecai.
“The girl we know.” Said Bradshaw.
“Bring her to me.” Said Mordecai.
“Be kinda hard with Van Damn always watching her.” Said Bradshaw.
“And the Undertaker.” Said Viscera.
“I’ll get her.” Said Gangrel. Mordecai nodded satisfied with that answer.


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chapter 7

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September 24 2004, 2:01 AM 

Chapter 7

*I’m going to the boyfriends this weekend I’ll try to get some writing done if I don’t you’ll know why. (big grin).

Gangrel waited to stalk his prey. Matt saw him and he also knew DeLaura was getting coffee. He put down her coffee and grabbed her hand.
“Hey where you taking me?”
“Come one.” She got pulled along.

“Damn.” Said Gangrel. He picked up his phone. “Viscera get Bradshaw and cover the exits.” Said Gangrel.

Matt and DeLaura came into the Undertaker’s dressing room.
“Gangrel was nosing around.” Said Matt. Undertaker looked at them.
“Come on.” He said to them both.
“Where are you taking me?” She asked.
“Somewhere safe.” Said Undertaker.
“I have to tell Rob.”
“We’ll tell him after please trust the Taker there’s no time.” Said Matt. She nodded and they began to take her out of the arena not knowing the exists would be blocked by the former Ministry.

Mordecai had his hand on Lita’s cheek.
“Soon little one you will be involved in something new.” Said Mordecai. She spit in his face. Only thing she could do cause she was still tied up.
“Go to hell.”
“You first.” He said.

Undertaker, Matt and DeLaura made it to the main exit. Where they saw Viscera and soon after Gangrel and Bradshaw there. Undertaker looked around and motioned for Matt to put DeLaura behind his back. Matt put her behind Undertaker’s back and then Matt stood behind DeLaura just in case.
“I suppose to get out of here I’ll have to take all three on.” Said Undertaker.
“Got that right Taker.” Said Gangrel.
“And what about the other one?” Asked Undertaker.
“Orlando he’s at the hotel.” Said Bradshaw.
“Guess I gotta do what I gotta do.” Said Undertaker. He raised his fists prepared to fight.
“Give us the girl and you don’t have to fight us.” Said Gangrel. Undertaker looked at DeLaura and then back at the former Ministry members.
“Can’t do that Vampire.”
“Too bad.” Said Viscera as the three started to beat up on the Undertaker.

Orlando made to Edge and Christian.
“You gotta go to the Smackdown arena.” He said.
“We don’t gotta do anything.” Said Christian.
“Yeah you do cause at this very moment Bradshaw and the two others will be doing bad things to the Undertaker, the girl and whoever else.” Edge looked at Christian.
“What do you think?” Asked Christian.
“Could be a trap.” Said Edge.
“It’s not a trap damn it. I’m getting sick of how Bradshaw is doing business you need to get over there.” Edge grabbed him.
“You lie and you won’t be around for long.” Orlando nodded and Edge and Christian left.

“Get in the corner!” Yelled Undertaker to DeLaura as he and Matt took care of the others. She squatted in the corner and watched. The bad guys were winning. Soon after they all heard.
“No fair beating up on the Taker and Matt when there is three of you!” Yelled Christian.
“More the merrier.” Said Gangrel.
“No fair now it’s 4 against 3.” Said Viscera. Undertaker, Edge, Christian and Matt began to fight the other three. Soon after the other three ran away.
“Cowards.” Said Matt. Undertaker helped DeLaura up.
“Where are we going?” Asked Edge.
“You’ll see.” Said Undertaker.

Kane answered his hotel room a little while later.
“What are you doing here?” Asked Kane.
“Hello to you to brother.” Said Undertaker as he ushered in Edge, Christian, Matt and DeLaura then he quickly followed them in. Kane just stared at his brother to this day he couldn’t figure him out.

TBC…..(Aren’t I mean hehe?)

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chapter 8

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September 27 2004, 12:36 AM 

Chapter 8

“What do you want brother?” Asked Kane.
“To watch the girl.” Kane looked by Matt Hardy and saw a timid short girl.
“Who is she?”
“Somebody that has something in common with Lita.”
“What?” Asked Kane as he put his hands on his hips.
“Mordecai wants her as well.” Kane turned his back on his brother.
“Forget it I have to find my Lita.”
“Your Lita she loved me and you changed that!” Yelled Matt. Kane picked him up by his throat. DeLaura hid behind Edge and Christian.
“Listen here Hardy I’m more man then you could ever be to Lita.”
“I very much doubt that Kane why would she want you when she can have prime Matt?” Asked Matt.
“Don’t tell me that tell her that since the miscarriage all she wants is sex all the time she kept wearing me out.”
“Ok time out I don’t want to hear about my brother’s sex life.” Said the Undertaker.
“May I make a suggestion?” Asked Edge. Undertaker and Kane looked at him.
“What?” They barked out.
“Taker you save Lita and Kane you keep an eye on DeLaura.” Said Edge. Kane looked at the girl and nodded.
“Good I knew that would work out.” Said Edge. Undertaker and Kane looked at him and snarled. Undertaker, Matt, Edge and Christian left while Kane was in charge of DeLaura.

Lita was still tied up and Mordecai leaned down and kissed her.
“Soon my child you will be untied soon.”
“Untie me now you asshole.”
“Temper little one.” Mordecai heard the front door open. “Wait here. Oh right you can’t go anywhere.” He blew her a kiss and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

He made it downstairs.
“Where is the girl?” Asked Mordecai.
“Undertaker has her.” Said Gangrel. Mordecai hit his hand on the table.
“Idiots!” He yelled.
“We know how to get her back.” Said Viscera. Mordecai stopped throwing his hissy fit.
“How?” He asked.
“Pretend to be friends with the Taker.” Said Bradshaw. Orlando looked at Bradshaw.
“What?” He asked.
“Do I smell a lost lamb straying from the flock?” Asked Mordecai as he turned around to look at Orlando.

“Undertaker?” Asked Christian as Undertaker drove the rental truck.
“How do you propose we get Lita back?”
“Paul?” Asked Matt.
“Bearer.” Said Undertaker. Matt, Edge and Christian just looked at each other.

“What is your name?” Asked Kane.
“DeLaura, and you are Kane?” She asked. He semi growled then said gruffly.
“Please don’t hurt me.” She stated. He tilted his head sideways to look at her.

“Hold up Mordecai let me talk to my assistant here.” Said Bradshaw as he took Orlando to the kitchen.
“You actually going through with this?” Asked Orlando in the kitchen.
“If it means getting revenge on the Taker then I will.” Said Bradshaw.
“I don’t want any part of it.” Said Orlando. He tried to leave but Bradshaw stopped him.
“Traitor!” He yelled and the others came into the kitchen.

“Paul Bearer?” Asked Edge.
“Yes.” Said Undertaker.
“No offence Taker, but how could he help?” Asked Edge.
“You’ll see.” Said Undertaker as they pulled into a driveway.

“Who said I was going to hurt you?” Asked Kane.
“Aren’t you a bad guy?” Asked DeLaura.
“After Lita lost my baby it changed something inside of me. I realized I shouldn’t have done what I did in order to get a child of my own.”
“What did you do?”
“Told her I wouldn’t hurt Matt Hardy if she slept with me.” DeLaura looked at him as he told her his story.

“I knew you would show up here sooner or later Undertaker.” Undertaker shook his old friend’s hand.
“I need your help to find Lita.”
“We don’t have much time.” Said Paul Bearer as he led the group inside the house.

By this time Mordecai and his gang beat the crap out of Orlando for turning on them. Then they threw him out.
“It would be in your best interest not to tell the Undertaker what we did to you.” Said Mordecai. Orlando coughed as Mordecai slammed the door. Orlando then proceeded to leave the yard and try to warn the others before it was too late, if it wasn’t too late.


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chapter 9

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September 28 2004, 2:46 AM 

Chapter 9

“Wow.” Said DeLaura.
“What?” Asked Kane.
“Even though you shouldn’t have made the deal with Lita so you can have a son I feel real bad cause you both lost it.”
“I feel real bad that I turned Lita nuts.”
“That’s not it Kane.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, it’s because she lost the baby.”
“Even though it was mine?”
“When a woman loses a baby for whatever reason it changes them inside.”
“What should I do?”
“Best bet be there for her.” Kane went over to DeLaura and kissed the back of her hand.
“Thank you.” She nodded.

By this time Undertaker, Edge, Christian and Matt came out of Paul’s place.
“Where are we going?” Asked Matt.
“To do what he said.” Said Undertaker.
“You really don’t mean you’re going to pick up that person that he said?” Asked Christian.
“Family reunion.” Said Edge.
“This time for the right reasons.” Said Undertaker.

Bradshaw, Gangrel and Viscera knew by this time that Kane would have DeLaura, so they made their way to his hotel room. They didn’t know someone else was following them. They busted in the hotel room.
“Get in the bedroom and lock the door!” Yelled Kane to DeLaura and she did. The three men began to fight Kane.
“Give us the girl Kane.” Said Gangrel.
“No!” Kane swung Gangrel into the wall.
“Too bad, since you won’t guess we get to beat the crap out of you.” Said Viscera as he tried to jump on Kane but Kane moved out of the way. The fight continued.

DeLaura grabbed Kane’s cell and went to the bathroom.
“Come on where is it? It has to be here.” She was looking for a number. “A-Ha!” She found what she was looking for.

“Do you think that’s the best decision?” Asked Edge.
“We need to get Lita back and we need to up the odds in our favour.” Said Undertaker. A cell rang.
“Who’s phone?” Asked Christian.
“Mine.” Said the Taker. “Talk.” He stated. He heard static and bits of a female talking.
“Taker (static) help (static) please (static.)”
“Girl I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up.”
“Hurry.” (Static and the phone died.)
“Shit.” Said Undertaker turning around.
“What?” Asked Edge.
“She’s in trouble.” Said Undertaker.
“We have to get Lita.” Said Matt.
“We will first we have to deal with this.” Said Undertaker.

Orlando the person that followed the Ministry members jumped into help Kane.
“Who the hell are you?” Asked Kane. But before Orlando had a chance to tell him Viscera knocked Kane with a chair and Kane went night night.
“Hold him.” Said Gangrel about Orlando. Viscera held him in place and between Bradshaw and Gangrel they beat the crap out of Orlando then after broke into the bedroom.
“Where is she?” Asked Viscera.
“Bathroom?” Suggested Bradshaw.
“They broke in saw her with the cell and went over to her.” Gangrel grasped her chin.
“My guess my little one you were trying to warn the Undertaker. It’s too late.” She screamed and he put his hand over her mouth. Viscera then picked her up and they took her out of there after Gangrel did a sleep spell on her.

Soon after Undertaker, Edge, Christian and Matt showed up. Kane and Orlando became conscience.
“What happened?” Asked Undertaker.
“The girl?” Coughed out Kane. Edge checked around.
“They got her.” Said Edge.
“Damn!” Said Undertaker.
“Brother?” Asked Kane.
“Who is that?” Asked Kane pointing to Orlando. Undertaker looked.
“Someone who I thought was on the side of evil.” Said Undertaker as he went over to Orlando to help him up.
“Was on the side.” Orlando coughed.
“Shit they did a number on you kid.” Said Undertaker helping him to sit down.
“Second time around the first time when I decided to leave. Mordecai is nuts.” Said Orlando.
“Brother we can’t do this alone.” Said Kane.
“You won’t be alone you’ll have me.” They looked at the doorway and saw a familiar face.


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chapter 10

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September 29 2004, 2:30 AM 

Chapter 10

“Mideon!” Undertaker went over to his comrade in arms and shook his hand.
“You on the side of good or evil?” Asked Edge.
“If I was on the side of evil I wouldn’t be here.” Said Mideon.
“We need all the help we can get.” Said Matt.
“Hate to say this but Matt’s right.” Said Christian.
“What kind of Ministry did I bring up a bunch of wuss’s?” Asked Undertaker as the others just stared at him.

By this time the bad guys were in the basement of the house they were in with Lita and DeLaura on two different tables laying there, tied up and gagged.
“What are you going to do with them?” Asked Viscera.
“I’m going to change Lita so insane she won’t know what hit her and I will make DeLaura so scared and she’ll think something happened to her other then the fact something did happen to her.” Said Mordecai.
“Huh?” Asked Bradshaw.
“He means that’s the reason why she’s here cause something happened to her.” Said Gangrel.
“What is it?” Asked Viscera.
“She was nearly arrested for almost stabbing a guy in the nuts for abusing her, she got off by having witnesses and now she’s with RVD to stay safe.”
“How do you know this?” Asked Bradshaw.
“He knows.” Said Gangrel. Bradshaw just looked dumbfounded.
“So what’s the plan with her?” Asked Viscera.
“She will soon replay what she did back home but this time she will use the knife.” Said Mordecai.
“On who?” Asked Bradshaw.
“The Undertaker.”
“Now wait a minute I wanted to show Undertaker he’s not the boss I didn’t want his dick chopped off.” Said Bradshaw.
“You turning into your boy and going soft on me?” Asked Mordecai.
“No.” Said Bradshaw.
“Good now lets get to work.”

“Anything?” Asked Undertaker.
“Look brother I’m not the know all and be all of where everyone is.” Said Kane.
“Good thing I’m here then been keeping up with the stuff Undertaker taught so many years ago hang a left.” Said Mideon. Undertaker swung left.
“Maybe Kane I should have had you in the Ministry.”
“No thanks I had a girlfriend.” Said Kane.
“Oh right big red, you had Chyna the one that screwed you over to go back to HHH.” Said Christian and Kane snarled.
“Knock it off both of you else I’ll smack your heads together.” Said Undertaker.
“Hang right.” Said Mordecai. Undertaker skidded right just hoping they get there fast enough.

By this time Mordecai was done what he was doing to the girls.
“Done.” They heard someone or someone’s come in upstairs.
“Get your ass up here you white robed freak!” Yelled Undertaker.
“Show time.” Said Mordecai. The bad guys went up to the living room. As Mordecai, Viscera and Gangrel fought the good guys Bradshaw started to shy in the corner nobody noticed he wasn’t fighting the good guys. Mordecai, Viscera, Gangrel and Bradshaw then left the house.
“That was easy.” Said Edge.
“Too easy.” Said Undertaker.
“What do you mean?” Asked Kane.
“I know three of those men very well they’re up to something.” Said Undertaker.
“Lets get the girls.” Said Matt. They went to the basement to get Lita and DeLaura who were still passed out not sure of what was going to happen next. Kane and Matt took Lita back to Raw with Edge and Christian close behind and Undertaker took DeLaura back to Smackdown and to RVD.


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chapter 11

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September 30 2004, 12:56 AM 

Chapter 11

“What the hell did you do to her?” Asked an irate RVD.
“Me I saved her ass!” Yelled Undertaker.
“At what cost?” Asked RVD putting DeLaura on the locker room couch and trying to wake her up.
“Listen you, you should be grateful.”
“Yo this isn’t helping.” The two men looked up towards the door and Undertaker had a smile plastered on his face.

“What do we do now that we got Lita back?” Asked Matt in Kane’s hotel room.
“I think we should leave that up to her.” Said Kane.
“I agree.” Said Matt. Matt left the hotel room and Kane waited for Lita to wake up.

“Mordecai I need to talk to you.” Said Bradshaw. Mordecai sat down in a chair and folded his hands in his lap.
“As you wish.”
“No offence but you’re nuts!” Said Bradshaw. Mordecai motioned for Gangrel and Viscera who were close by.
“Get him!” Gangrel and Viscera began to beat on Bradshaw with Mordecai just watching.

“DeLaura are you ok?” Asked RVD. They were alone Undertaker decided to leave to give RVD and her some space. She looked at him and ran behind a table.
“Leave me alone!” He walked over to the table and tried to get to her.
“It’s me RVD.”
“Leave me the fuck alone you’re going to hurt me!” She yelled. He backed off it was clear to him that something was up with her.

Someone knocked on Kane’s hotel room and he went to answer it.
“Mr. Kane?” The woman asked. He held up his hand.
“Kane and you are Noelle?”
“Yes you sent for me?”
“Yes a while ago what happened to you?”
“Had some business to take care off.”
“Did you find someone to help me with my problem?”
“He should be here any second.” Someone got off the elevator and showed up beside Noelle.
“Hey.” He said.
“Kane this is called the Don and he can help with your pain in your side.” Said Noelle as Kane moved his head to the side to look at the both of them.

“Get out and stay out!” Yelled Mordecai after Bradshaw’s beating.
“You betrayed us brother.” Said Viscera.
“And like the Undertaker you will pay.” Said Gangrel. Bradshaw left the house hoping he could get far away from the house before they came back looking for him.

RVD opened the door and saw Kidman.
“Get Torrie for me will ya?”
“Will do.” Kidman went to get Torrie like RVD requested.

“So what’s the plan?” Asked Kane.
“The Don is an expert hired hitman.”
“I don’t want him killed.”
“He won’t be killed he’ll just be taught a lesson by one of my close associates we’ll just call him Mr. B.” Said the Don. Kane nodded.
“When can it be done?” Asked Kane.
“Whenever you want.” Said the Don.
“Now would be real good.” Said Kane.
“Mr Snitski right?” Asked Noelle.
“Yes.” Replied Kane.
“No offence but the dude can’t even do a promo.” Said Noelle and Kane and the Don nodded. They talked some more about what was going to happen.

Torrie opened the locker room door and saw DeLaura still behind the table.
“Glad you’re here.” Said RVD.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Torrie.
“I don’t know she’s scared of me for some reason.” Torrie walked over to the table.
“Hi.” Said DeLaura quietly.
“She’ll be fine I’ll be here.” Said Torrie. RVD left the room he had to get help.

“I sure hope you don’t turn on me like they both did.” Said Mordecai.
“No we are faithful.” Said Gangrel.
“We want revenge it’s cause of the Undertaker we were fired.” Said Viscera. Mordecai nodded satisfy.

“Come.” Said Undertaker as RVD walked into the locker room.
“I need help.”
“With what?” Undertaker put his hands on his hips.
“DeLaura she’s scared of me. I don’t know why. She thinks I’m going to hurt her. Only Torrie seems to be able to get near her.” Said RVD. Undertaker rolled his eyes back.
“I’ll see what I can do.” He and RVD left to go to DeLaura.

Meanwhile the Don found Mr. B.
“You have the picture that I gave you?” Asked the Don.
“No kidding dude.” Said Mr. B.
“Get him and we’ll teach him a lesson.” Said the Don.
“Why do I always have to do the hard work?” Asked Mr. B.
“Just get him and we’ll take care of him live on TV this week.” Said the Don and the two men parted their own ways.


Dedicated to Starra, the Don and Brandon.

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chapter 12

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October 1 2004, 1:17 AM 

Chapter 12

“You got any plans?”
“Yeah Sara why?”
“Well since you forgot about me earlier I thought you were thinking on a plan about here.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, tell ya what, do you want to help?” Asked Undertaker.
“Yeah you know I do.”
“Great any suggestions?”
“Hang the white haired freak on your symbol?” Asked Sara.
“You might be on to something there.”
“I told you I was good for something.”
“You’re good for many things.” Said the Taker. She grinned up at him.

Meanwhile Mr B picked up Snitski and brought him to the Don.
“So what do you want to do?” Asked Mr. B.
“I think beat the crap out of him and bring him to Kane so he can see what a good job we’ve done.”
“Shit I’m not doing this for free.” Said Mr. B.
“I have a feeling we’ll be highly rewarded.” Said the Don as he and Mr B commenced on the beating of Snitksi.

“Shit!” Kane was on his knees. It seems Lita kneed him in the crotch.
“When I say do the damn dishes I mean do the damn dishes.”
“That’s w-.” He stopped himself from going on.
“You were going to say that’s woman’s work?” He didn’t say a word so she let out a Xena yell and grabbed at her hair. Kane ran into the bedroom to escape the nutsie known as Lita.

Torrie was with DeLaura.
“You ok?” She asked.
“Yes.” The door knocked. DeLaura hid in the bathroom off the girls locker room. Torrie opened the door. Undertaker and Sara came in.
“Where is she?” Asked Undertaker.
“Bathroom.” Said Torrie.
“You did good, you can leave I’m sure you don’t want to stick around.” Said the Taker.
“I don’t mind.” Said Torrie. Undertaker motioned for her to leave and after she did Undertaker and Sara went into the bathroom.
“Girl?” Asked Undertaker.
“Go away you’ll hurt me.” Said DeLaura. Undertaker stayed by the door and Sara went over to her.
“No he won’t.”
“Girl Sara my wife is going to stay with you. I have to do some damage.”
“Not to me.”
“He won’t don’t worry.” Said Sara. Undertaker left knowing that DeLaura was in good hands.

Kane managed to escape out the bedroom window and he went to find Matt. He arrived at his hotel room breathless.
“What’s wrong with you?” Asked Matt.
“That girl is nuts.” Said Kane.
“Yeah. I need you to go over there I have to meet someone.” Said Kane.
“Ok.” Said Matt.

Undertaker went to Teddy Long.
“I want a sacrifice tonight.”
“Who?” Asked Long.
“Are you sure that’s the best thing.” Undertaker rolled his eyes back and growled, Long knew not to mess with the Taker.

“Lita?” Asked Matt walking into the bedroom of Kane’s hotel suite.
“Where is my Kane?” She asked.
“Seems you did damage.”
“Not as much as I am going to do to you.” She kicked him in the nuts and he went down like a sack of potatoes.
“Shit.” Said Matt.
“Don’t fuck with me Matt you’re the one that made me this way.” He just stared at her not sure what to think.

The Don and Mr. B deposited Snitski in front of Kane.
“You did good.” Said Kane.
“I told you just like we would deliver.” Said the Don. Mr B held out his hand.
“Now for the matter of the money.” Said Mr. B. Kane smiled at them evilly.
“Money? Nobody said anything about money.”
“You thought we would do it for free?” Asked the Don.
“I have my own problems I suggest you leave now before you have problems of your own.” Said Kane.
“Thought you said he was a good guy?” Asked Mr. B. The Don shrugged.
“Guess what?” Asked Kane.
“What?” Asked the Don.
“I lied. Now Go!” Kane yelled so loud the two men ran. Kane grabbed Snitski up.
“Kane.” He coughed out.
“You been a bad boy ruining my wife and you have paid and Monday you’ll make a public apology to her.”
“Yes please don’t hurt me anymore.” Begged Snitski.
“Do as I say and one more thing.”
“What?” He coughed again.
“Don’t speak you can’t cut a good promo if you’re life depended on it.” Kane dropped him and left.

“Alright Undertaker you can sacrifice Gangrel.” Said Long.
“I knew you would see it my way.” In the hall the two men heard.

“He’s my Charlie.” Said Dawn Marie.
“I’m the one engaged to him!” Yelled Miss Jackie.

“Crap player they’re at it again.” Said Long. Undertaker thought for a moment.
“I’ll take care of that right now and you bring me Mordecai.”
“Big Show.” Long went to do what the Undertaker requested and Undertaker went to deal with the divas of Smackdown.


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chapter 13

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October 3 2004, 6:43 AM 

Chapter 13

“Both of you into the ring right now!” Yelled Undertaker to Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie.
“Why the hell should we?” Asked Dawn Marie. Undertaker leaned in real close to her.
“Cause I said so that’s why.”
“I think we better listen to him.” Said Miss Jackie. Undertaker escorted the girls to the ring.

Meanwhile Vincent Kennedy McMahon was having a talk with Mr. Theodore Long.
“You are giving Gangrel to the Undertaker?” Asked Vince.
“He originally wanted Mordecai I thought if he had Gangrel he would be satisfied without going after the green.”
“Good point there but if this backfires you’ll be the one hanging on the Undertaker’s symbol.” Said Vince.

“What is your husband up to?” Asked DeLaura.
“Hoping he is taking my suggestion and hanging up a bad guy.”
“How I know he’s not a bad guy?”
“He’s not.” Said Sara getting exasperated.

Kane found Mideon.
“Alright eye what do you know about making a girl un nuts?” Asked Kane.
“We have to fix up her mind but it has to be more then one person doing it.” Said Mideon.
“Let me guess my brother and myself?” Asked Kane.
“And me there to help.” Said Mideon.

“Something’s wrong.” Said Edge.
“What do you mean?” Asked Christian.
“I mean I get this feeling Undertaker will be turning to the old Undertaker soon.” Said Edge.
“What do you mean by old Undertaker?”

Theodore Long sent for the Undertaker.
“You have Gangrel.” Said Long.
“How did you get him passed out?” Asked Undertaker.
“Wonder drug.” Said Long.
“How long will he be out?”
“An hour you have to work fast if you want him sacrificed tonight.” Undertaker nodded.

“I mean think 5 years Christian.”
“You don’t mean reforming the Ministry?” Asked Christian.
“What do you think I mean?” Asked Edge.

Kane walked into his hotel room with Mideon.
“Ok do your stuff.” Said Kane.
“Well I can do a subdude spell first before we get a chance to do the healing.” Said Mideon.
“Ok go for it.” Said Kane.
“Make sure you have a cup.” Said Matt.
“Why?” Asked Mideon. Lita ran right towards Mideon and kicked him in the nuts.
“That’s why.” Said Kane as Mideon went down to the floor.

“I think I’ll be leaving soon.” Said DeLaura.
“Why?” Asked Sara.
“Because it’s dangerous to stick around here.”
“That will depend on you.” Said Sara.
“What do you mean?”
“You figure out yet not all men are evil?” DeLaura just stared at her.

Smackdown tapings the fans thought everything was planned. Undertaker did have to work fast. He kept Gangrel awake. Gangrel hissed to the Undertaker as he was strapped to the symbol in the ring.
“You may have got me deadman but the man you really want you’ll never get.”
“Shut up.” Hissed Undertaker back. Then he looked at the fans. “Tonight they’ll be a sacrifice.” Fans cheered.

“Peretansia fetashia delante mishilina togonshey.” Said the white robed freak. But who was the spell being directed at?


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chapter 14

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October 4 2004, 12:57 AM 

Chapter 14

The fans were going crazy at the sacrifice of Gangrel and the Undertaker hunched over and they still went crazy thinking it was all part of the act. Undertaker stood himself upright and untied Gangrel off the symbol. He got booed.
“Get out.” Undertaker hissed and Gangrel wasn’t going to question it he decided to get out.

“We’ll get started maybe it will be enough to help Lita before Undertaker returns.” Said Mideon. Lita still lay sleeping. It was Kane, Mideon, Edge, Christian and Matt there.
“Alright let’s began.” Kane and Mideon were going to work their magic when Kane stopped.
“What?” Asked Matt.
“My brother.” Said Kane. Edge and Christian gave each other a knowing look.
“What about him?” Asked Mideon.
“He has embraced his evil dark side.” Said Kane.
“Shit Edge said it would be true.” Said Christian and Kane grabbed Edge around the neck.
“How did you know?” Asked Kane.
“I didn’t really I just had this feeling he was starting to act like he did before he had the Ministry five years ago.” Said Edge.
“Kane go to your brother I’ll handle this.” Said Mideon. Kane nodded at Edge and Christian.
“You to.”
“Not again.” Said Christian. Kane snarled at him.
“Again.” Said Edge as they followed Kane out.

Gangrel found Undertaker.
“I knew you would give in, embrace your evil side Undertaker, the side that never left you.” Undertaker shook it off and grabbed Gangrel by the neck.
“You did this boy?” He stated.
“You know who did it, don’t fight it, be who you are.” Undertaker closed his eyes and smelled what he knew all along, he smelled fear whenever he was around. Undertaker let Gangrel go and walked away.

“What do you think is happening?” Asked DeLaura. She and Sara were still in Undertaker’s hotel room.
“I’m sure he’s kicking bad guy butt.” Undertaker walked in. “Honey are you ok?” Asked Sara. Undertaker was growling. He grabbed DeLaura by the throat.
“T-T-Taker.” DeLaura squealed out. Sara tried to stop him.
“Wait, this isn’t you!” He looked at his wife.
“Leave now!” He stated. Sara didn’t know what to do she did the only thing she could do and that was to fight for DeLaura’s freedom and her husband’s sanity.


PS sorry this chapter is so short.

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chapter 15

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October 5 2004, 12:53 AM 

Chapter 15

Sara grabbed her husband’s arm.
“Leave her alone!” Undertaker looked at her with almost glowing eyes as DeLaura looked like she was about to pass out.
“I said leave now!” He shouted. She backed off she never saw him like this. Undertaker then managed to get the bedroom door open and throw DeLaura on the bed. DeLaura was trying to stir up right.
“Taker please.” She begged.
“You sinned girl and now you must be punished.” Sinned? Wondered Sara. Where did I hear that before? Just then Kane, Edge and Christian came in and started to go after the Taker. They got some punches in and Undertaker fought back. Kane grabbed Taker by the throat and Taker grabbed Kane by the throat.
“Brother think about this! Think about who you really are!” Yelled Kane.
“This is who I am!” Yelled Undertaker. They let go of each other’s throats.
“No this isn’t.” Said Kane.
“You forgetting this is who you were not that long ago Kane?”
“That was me.” Said Kane. “That was my mistake.”

Meanwhile Mideon wasn’t done the spell and Lita woke up. She had crazy eyes.
“You.” She screeched.
“Hi.” Said Mideon.
“Lita baby let him help please.” Said Matt. She looked at him.
“I have to go to the bathroom first I have to pee real bad Matty Pooh.” Matt looked at Mideon and Mideon untied her. Lita went upstairs and then upstairs again to the bathroom. Matt and Mideon waited in the living room.

“Yes Undertaker be who you are, demolish your brother.” Said Mordecai.

Undertaker tried to attack Kane. Kane fought back.
“Just stop it!” Yelled Sara.
“I said stay out of this!” Yelled Undertaker to his wife.
“Ok brother this is nuts this isn’t you.” Said Kane.
“Kane give me the girl and nobody else will get hurt.”
“This is sounding familiar.” Said Sara. The two men looked at her. Undertaker growled, let go of Kane and left. Sara tried to go after him but Kane stopped her.

“What’s taking so long?” Asked Matt.
“Let’s check.” Said Mideon. They went upstairs and knocked. No answer. They opened the door and saw the bathroom window open.
“She’s gone.” Said Matt.
“It appears she is yeah.” Noted Mideon. Matt grabbed his collar.
“You let her go to the bathroom knowing she would go.” Said Matt.
“I had to.”
“What do you mean you had to?”
“Lita’s dementia is the only thing that can save the Undertaker.” Said Mideon. Matt just looked at him like he was out of his gorge.

“Why the hell did you stop me?” Asked Sara pacing the bedroom floor.
“My brother is too far gone for us to do anything.” Said Kane.
“No we have to I don’t want a demented mean husband.” Said Sara.
“I’m leaving I can’t take it here anymore.” Said DeLaura trying to leave but Kane grabbed her and wrapped his huge arms around her.
“You stay.”
“What do you mean I stay?”
“I mean you stay.” She sat back down on the bed.
“Now what?” Asked Sara.
“We wait.” Said Kane.
“Wait?” Asked Sara.
“Wait?” Asked DeLaura.
“Wait.” Nodded Kane.

“Come in my boy.” Said Mordecai. Undertaker came in and kneeled in front of Mordecai.
“Dutchera Stera Mishelia. You did good my boy.” Said Mordecai. Undertaker nodded.

Now what would happen?


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chapter 16

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October 6 2004, 12:41 AM 

Chapter 16

After Undertaker got off his knees to the file Mordecai, Mordi went over to him and put his hands on his cheeks.
“What would you like Master?”
“Bring me the girl.”
“Yes master.” Said Undertaker.

“Now what do we do?” Asked Sara. Sara, Kane, Edge, Christian and Orlando were sitting in the arena that Smackdown was supposed to be performing at.
“Well the Undertaker has some time off which is why he lost at No Mercy.” Said Orlando.
“Maybe that will give us time to fix him.” Suggested Christian.
“Why do I get the feeling we’re too late for that.” Stated Edge. Orlando and Christian and Kane had to agree with that comment.
“We have to do something he’s my husband.” Said Sara. Matt and Mideon came in.
“We have more problems.” Said Matt.
“Now what?” Asked Kane.
“Ah.” Said Mideon not sure if he should tell them. They heard a door slam and soon after.
“Oh husband I want to hurt someone. Now!” They all looked up to see Lita.

Gangrel, Viscera and Bradshaw made it to Mordecai.
“Bradshaw is ready to repent…” Gangrel trailed off when he saw Mordecai talking to the Undertaker.
“You have the enemy here?” Asked Viscera.
“Don’t worry he’s on our side and soon his Ministry will reform. Bradshaw did you really repent?” Asked Mordecai. Bradshaw went on one bended knee.
“Yes master.”

Lita tried to attack Kane and Kane held her off.
“Let me go! I want to do damage.” Said Lita.
“No you can’t.” Said Kane.
“Give me your brother I’ll take your brother anyone please…. Honey.” Said Lita. Matt looked like his heart broke in two. Mideon did a sleep spell on Lita.
“What was that for?” Asked Matt.
“Thought it would be easier to explain something when she shuts up.” Said Mideon.
“Talk.” Said Kane.
“Her dementia is the only thing that can save the Undertaker but I have to get those two at the same time so I can do a mind walk spell so she can help.” Said Mideon.
“In her crazy condition what makes you think she’ll help?” Asked Edge.
“I can’t explain it it’s the only thing that will.” Said Mideon.
“What are we waiting for lets get to it?” Asked Sara. Orlando’s phone rang.

“Orlando its JBL I can’t explain now but Undertaker is going to reform the Ministry fully with the help of Mordecai. He’s a bad g….” Bradshaw trailed off as he saw Gangrel, Mordecai, Undertaker and Viscera walked into the bedroom.
“Undertaker get him!” Yelled Mordecai and Undertaker was only too happy to do so.

The phone went dead.
“JBL? Hello?” Asked Orlando.
“What is going on?” Asked Kane.
“He said.” But Mideon interrupted him.
“Undertaker is reforming the Ministry with the help of Mordecai.” Said Mideon.
“How can he do that without us?” Asked Christian pointing to him and Edge.
“He doesn’t need you to do it he has half the Ministry and a new member.” Said Mideon.
“Maybe one less now that JBL saw the light.” Said Orlando.
The others nodded.
“Now what do we do?” Asked Sara.
“Like I said Lita’s dementia is the only thing to help the Undertaker.” Said Mideon.
“But first we have to get my brother.” Noted Kane.
“Easier said then done.” Said Edge and the others nodded. They had to think of a plan.


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chapter 17

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October 7 2004, 1:39 AM 

Chapter 17

Bradshaw made it to Smackdown battered and beaten and more sore at the hands of the Undertaker.
“You look like crap.” Said Orlando. Bradshaw pat him on the back.
“Orlando my boy thanks a bunch.” He looked up to see Kane and Mideon. “What are you two doing here?” Asked Bradshaw.
“Lita’s dementia could save the Undertaker and I’m here to make sure the Ministry doesn’t reform at the hands of someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.” Said Mideon.
“Where is Lita?” Asked Bradshaw. Mideon and Kane led him into the locker room. She was still out of it on the couch.
“Right there.” Said Kane.
“Where are the others?” Asked Bradshaw.
“Edge, Christian and Matt went back to Raw.” Said Mideon.
“Well I don’t think Lita is the hot ticket with old Mor right now.” Said Bradshaw coughing.
“What do you mean?” Asked Orlando.
“For some reason he wants the girl and he is sending the Undertaker to get her.”
“Is the Undertaker here?” Asked Mideon.
“Yup I had to take another hall to avoid him, Gangrel, Viscera and Mordecai.” Said Bradshaw.
“The girl is with Sara.” Said Kane.
“I think we better find her before the Undertaker does.” Said Bradshaw.
“No! I must face my brother alone.” Said Kane leaving the room.
“Is he sure he wants to do that?” Asked Orlando.
“He’s Kane who can figure him?” Asked Bradshaw as Mideon nodded.

A hand clamped over DeLaura’s mouth. She was with Sara. Sara looked up they were in the GM’s office. Long wasn’t there. Sara tried to stop her husband.
“I said don’t! Leave her alone!” She grabbed his arm and he had to let go of DeLaura’s mouth. DeLaura was about to leave but Undertaker grabbed her and DeLaura went into the corner when Sara kicked her husband in the nuts and he had to let go.
“Shit.” He moaned as he carefully got up. “Don’t do that again.”
“Damn it you’re my husband! You don’t do this shit remember?” He looked at her.
“That was then this was now, now everyone will pay for screwing me.”
“What the hell did she do to you?” Asked Sara.
“My master wants her.” Said Undertaker.
“Master? This is to unreal.” Said Sara.
“Hold up there player.” Said Long as he came in.
“What?” Asked Undertaker.
“You want the girl you fight for her.”
“Who?” Asked Undertaker.
“Yeah who?” Asked Sara.
“Me.” Said Kane walking in. DeLaura looked at the group she didn’t think she stood a chance.
“I’ll meet you at the ring brother.” Said Undertaker.
“The girl stays with me until we decide her fate.” Said Kane.
“You bring her ringside.” Said Undertaker and Kane nodded.
“Main event tonight Undertaker and special Raw Wrestler his brother Kane.” Said Long. Kane and Undertaker just stared at each other.

Kane brought DeLaura to the good guys first.
“We don’t have much time.” Said Kane.
“What do you mean?” Asked Bradshaw.
“He means that the fight is on to see who gets the girl.” Said Mideon. Kane looked at him and shook his head.
“How did you know?” Asked Kane.
“I know.” Said Mideon.
“Ok then all you have to do is beat the Undertaker.” Said Orlando.
“Easier said then done.” Said Bradshaw.
“You might have to cheat.” Said Mideon.
“It will be fair and square no cheating.” Said Kane.
“Kane no offence but if Undertaker is going to win that girl is in a lot of trouble.” Said Bradshaw.
“And I will win.” Said Kane.
“I’m doomed.” Said DeLaura. The others looked at her.

In the Ministry locker room Mordecai looked at Undertaker, Gangrel and Viscera.
“You two know what to do?” Asked Mordecai.
“Yes interfere somehow and get the girl before Undertaker loses.” Said Gangrel.
“I won’t lose and I’ll win fairly no interference.” Said Undertaker. Undertaker faced Gangrel.
“If these morons don’t screw up the girl will be mine.” Said Mordecai.
“Who you calling Morons?” Asked Viscera.
“Who do you think?” Asked Mordecai. Viscera took the smile off his face.
“Forget it, we won’t screw up.” Said Gangrel.
“You better not if you screw up you will be fed to the Undertaker.” Said Mordecai. Undertaker rubbed his hands together and licked his lips.


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chapter 18

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October 8 2004, 12:57 AM 

Chapter 18

Kane was preparing in the boiler room his favourite spot to be in. Mideon, Sara, Orlando, Bradshaw and DeLaura were in the good guy locker room talking.
“He needs to defeat my husband so we can get him back.” Said Sara.
“Considering Kane doesn’t want help I’m out of ideas.” Said Mideon.
“I’m not.” Said DeLaura.
“What do you mean girl?” Asked Bradshaw.
“Give me to the bad guys in exchange for Undertaker’s freedom then you can fix him up.”
“Hey that’s an idea.” Said Sara.
“No it’s not if we do that we’re no better then them.” Said Bradshaw. DeLaura just sat there out of ideas.

Boiler room:

“Brother tonight you will know fear, you will not triumph the girl will not be yours or his.” Thought Kane.

Mordecai was talking to Gangrel and Viscera.
“I don’t care what the Undertaker says I want you to interfere I want that girl.”
“Why she so important?” Asked Viscera.
“None of your business do as I say.” Mordecai walked away.
“What do we do?” Asked Viscera.
“Do as he says.” Said Gangrel. Suddenly the Undertaker showed up.
“Don’t do that man.” Said Viscera. Undertaker had this evil look on his face as he backed the two men into the wall.

That night the main event the fans were anxiously waiting for Kane and Undertaker to get it on one more time. Kane had the upper hand as DeLaura sat with Tazz and Cole watching to see who would win her fate.

In the back Gangrel and Viscera were with Mordecai. watching.
“Go, get out there fast!” Yelled Mordecai. Gangrel and Viscera looked at each other and shrugged. They went out there.

When Undertaker was on the ground he saw Gangrel and Viscera run in and they got booed by fans. Undertaker just stared at them.

“Shanshey Tanisha Laquish Morflandi.” Said Mordecai.

In the ring Gangrel and Viscera beat the crap out of Kane and it was announced Undertaker the winner when Kane couldn’t get up. Gangrel and Viscera got booed, and Undertaker got cheered. Undertaker brought DeLaura to the back as Gangrel and Viscera followed.

Later at Mordecai’s Ministry house Undertaker walked into the bedroom as DeLaura awoke.
“Stay away from me!” She yelled. Undertaker clamped his hand on her mouth.
“I’m going to take my hand away and we are going to talk.” She nodded and he did and sat beside the bed on a chair.
“You’re a bad guy.” Before he had a chance to say anything Gangrel and Viscera came in.
“Deadman we were going to do what you said but it was like something controlled our brains.” Said Viscera.
“It was him.” Said Undertaker growling.
“Deadman how long do we have to play bad guy without telling anyone you converted us to good guys?” Asked Gangrel. Undertaker looked at the two men.
“It needed to be done and two we have to keep it up until we set Lita straight, help Kane and Matt, and get this one out of here.”
“This one, is so confused.” Said DeLaura.
“Long story girl we’ll tell you about it sometime.” Said Undertaker.
“I’ll buy.” Said DeLaura. Undertaker held out his hand to her and she took it.
“Deal.” He half joked.


*It’s holiday weekend here so I don’t know when I’ll get the next chapter done.


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chapter 19

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October 12 2004, 2:47 AM 

Chapter 19

“Well deadman you got us back to normal what do you plan to do with us?” Asked Gangrel.
“First I have to get this one to pretend that I messed with her head.” Said Undertaker.
“The who and the what now?” Asked DeLaura.
“If I don’t Mordecai will know something is up.” Said Undertaker. DeLaura signed.
“So what do you need us to do deadman?” Asked Viscera.
“Go downstairs tell him that I’m working on her.”
“Alrighty then.” Said Gangrel as he and Viscera left. Undertaker put his hand on DeLaura’s cheek and she shut her eyes.

Lita was in Kane’s arms kissing him. He tried to push her away.
“Hey!” She was miffed.
“Hey nothing I don’t like pain you know.”
“Could have fooled me.” She was about to aim for his cock with her fist but he grabbed her and then kissed her passionately. They went on the bed. He figured the best way to keep her occupied was to keep her in the sac so she wouldn’t cause anyone damage.

Undertaker got up and held out his hand, DeLaura took it. He brought her downstairs.
“Well?” Asked Mordecai.
“It is done.” Said Undertaker.
“I have some things to take care of make sure she eats something, we will let the world know at the Smackdown tapings.” He left the house.
“Crap deadman that was a hard one.” Said Viscera.
“What do you mean?” Asked Undertaker.
“He means it’s very hard to keep anything from him.” Said Gangrel.
“I know but you’re doing good.” Said Taker.
“Now what will happen to me?” Asked DeLaura.
“Like he said we feed you.”
“And the tapings?” Asked Gangrel.
“We’ll let it be known alright but it won’t be what he expects.” Gangrel and Viscera just nodded and DeLaura shrugged.

“You look like shit Kane.” Said Eric.
“Thanks.” Said Kane growling.
“I mean that in the nicest possible way, wife giving you trouble?” Asked Eric.
“You don’t know the half of it.”
“Kane!” Yelled Lita from somewhere else. Kane jumped.
“Boy she has you licked boy.” Said Eric. Kane gave him another growl and left to find Lita.

The tapings saw 4 figures in white robes and one tall figure in a black robe. The old Ministry robe to be exact. They walked to the ring and they all got cheered. Mordecai without taking his hood down took a mic and began to speak.
“I have news for the world. Tonight will be an unravelling.” He said. He got booed. Fans didn’t like him. Mordecai motioned for the others to take off their hoods. He gave Undertaker the mic.
“Tonight is the unveiling but it’s not what you think. You have been screwed.” Gangrel and Viscera began to beat up Mordecai and the fans cheered. Undertaker brought DeLaura to the back and waited for Gangrel and Viscera to finish up.

Kane and Lita were close by watching the tapings. They were in the back and Undertaker didn’t know it yet. They watched it on the monitors. Kane was drinking some water. He spit it out when he saw what his brother did.
“Damn brother even I didn’t know.” Said Kane.
“Watch it you idiot! You spilled water on me.” Said Lita. Kane came towards her and she went night, night, he knew he had to do something about her craziness next.


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chapter 20

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October 13 2004, 12:11 AM 

Chapter 20

Kane found his brother and the others with Lita in his arms.
“Gotta hand it to you brother you do a cover up nicely.”
“What you do to Lita Kane?” Asked Undertaker.
“She is much easier to handle when she is out of it.”
“Ok her next.” Said Undertaker. Gangrel and Viscera ushered DeLaura out of there, Undertaker and Kane followed behind with Lita still in Kane’s arms.

“Nobody makes a fool of me!” Yelled Mordecai.
“Hate to tell you this playa but the Undertaker already did that.” Said Long.
“Aren’t you going to do anything?” Asked Mordecai.
“Why should I? The Undertaker takes care of things in his own time.” Said Long.
“Then I guess I’ll have to take care of things myself.”
Mordecai left fuming. Especially when he saw the Smackdown roster watching and listening in the hall.

Torrie Wilson went outside and found the Undertaker and the others just leaving.
“Taker, Taker!” She yelled. They turned around. When she reached the Taker he put his hands on her shoulders.
“Steady.” She caught her breath then said.
“Mordecai I heard him tell Long he’s up to something.” Undertaker nodded.
“You’re no longer safe alone go with us.” Said Undertaker.
“No I’ll go find Billy Kidman don’t worry about me just do what you always do.” Undertaker nodded and lightly grasped her chin and then they left.

Someone was watching Torrie tell Undertaker and the others. That someone found Mordecai.
“What do you want wench?” He asked. Dawn Marie stood behind him and started to rub his shoulders.
“You still need me.”
“What makes you think that?”
“Somebody already told Undertaker that you’re planning on something.” He turned around and grabbed her neck.
“It was you!” He stated.
“No uh-uh not me but I know who cause I saw the whole thing.”
“Tell me you need my help?”
“I need your help.”
“Torrie Wilson.”
“They’ll be a sacrifice.” Mordecai rubbed his hands together evilly.

Undertaker and Kane worked on Lita in the rental house. Matt had already been called. He and Edge and Christian showed up. Matt tried to stop them.
“What are you doing to my Lita?” Asked Matt. Edge and Christian held him back.
“Let Undertaker and Kane help her.” Said Edge. Matt watched as Undertaker and Kane worked.
“Well?” Asked Matt awhile later.
“She’ll sleep till morning, take her upstairs to the first bedroom on the right.” Said Undertaker. Matt lifted Lita and took her away.
“Brother I think I lost my love.” Said Kane.
“Kane I don’t think you loved her you were missing love so you tried to get her to love you.”
“How you know?”
“You know she loves another.”
“Matt.” Kane nodded.
“You did the right thing Kane.”
“I hate it when you’re right brother.” The others went upstairs to bed.

Dawn Marie straddled Mordecai’s hips.
“When you get Torrie I want her.” Said Dawn Marie.
“As what?”
“What do you think?”
“I want someone to.” He said.
“Who?” She asked.
“The Undertaker.” The two of them laughed evilly.


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