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"Freak 28,800" (aka Freak 2) production pictorial, by Bernard Cheong (many pics!)

August 3 2005 at 6:21 AM

Marcus Hanke  (Login mhanke)

Response to FAQ, reference and feature articles

Welcome to the FREAK assembly area, a high security, no cameras allowed zone.

Here is a stainless steel prototype test watch, see, the FREAKs do not really have a "case". In the normal sense. The FREAK's case is actually the bridge that holds and allows the parts to pivot around it. The FREAKs are all movement, and no "case".

Next, you need a team of really cool and specially trained this one!

This is what they do!

Note how these small plates are cut and made, how small and intricate each maneouver is.

These are really cool! Very small!

Look at the cool balance, and the beginning of the super cool escapement.

Here is the minute hand, this forms about half the watch's movement.

This is the test module for the movement.

The "case" which forms the bridge where the rails for the moving wheel of the minute hand runs over, like a little train.

Notice the gold numbers, indexes for the hours, etched onto a sapphire disc...nothing like it!

FREAK meister's bench.

FREAK maker's microscope and strange sexual activity among toy figures.

Here is a picture of my personal FREAK, the article is archived here, bought in Singapore in 2003...I wear it very often. The only rival to it today would be Opus5 and the URWERK 103.03....these are really cool machines. Next to it..the newly completed FREAK2...bigger.

Here, a new FREAK2, ready for testing...not delivery just yet.

The FREAK2...another super wristwatch, destinied to be a cult item of the future, only about 400 FREAKs were made for the first, the new one has an uber cool balance, and quite a few new additions...not better, just different. This is the way to evolve a great product! An icon.

Enjoy!<br />

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