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Bernard Cheong's thoughts about his "Feak" purchase, and some marvelous pics

November 2 2005 at 7:50 AM

Marcus Hanke  (Login mhanke)

Response to Watches (galleries)

Returning from Neuchatel some months ago (working), I felt compelled to relook at the FREAK after my many days/weeks studying the geometry of this unusual and ground breaking watch.

Looking thru the details and the history of how the FREAK was created helped me understand much more about how sigificant this watch is today. As is FREAK 2 as well, and maybe more.

There is a MULTITUDE of things taken for granted by customers of fine watches. Like the presence of a crown. Like the desire for complexity for the sake of complexity.

By the time I had bought my FREAK,some 2 years ago, I had bought many watches, made many bad well as made many good ones. Over time, however, I began to notice the frequency by which I based many of my decisions on what OTHERS thought.

Not always a good thing. Sadly, it seems to be the ONLY parameter that on honest introspection, we almost always use.

For me, the turning point by which I "matured" as a collector was asking myself relevant questions..." Why am I buying anymore watches?", " Was this another exercise in a materialistic environment?", most of all...."was this creation, the FREAK, a reflection of higher purposes?".

This is not to say that I have transcended the desire to buy what others think I should buy, it was the FREAK that made me realise that I was doing it all too often.

Only when I was comfortable with my own answers to my own thoughts, did I continue to pursue the matter.... ultimately to purchase the watch.

This then is the way I see the FREAK,today after two years of ownership. Lacking the photographic skill, I employed the talents of another, the inimitable Nic Ong to transalate my own visions into these...unretouched, uncropped....

Hope you enjoy these.

The FREAK is one of the BEST decisions I made against ALL pursuation to buy otherwise! A decision made against all advice. And a damned good one.<br />

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