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E-Type Jag kits

November 19 2010 at 6:22 AM
Matt Bacon  (Login cmatthewbacon)
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Response to thanks JR

If you are looking for a Coupe kit, the Heller kit in 1/24 is the way to go. Ignore the Aurora/Monogram kit, which is pretty poor shape-wise. The Heller is well-detailed, and accurate in shape. The only problem is eliminating the seams where the top and bottom parts of the body join, because you have to fully assemble the interior including windows before closing it up. The Heller kit is also available in an Airfix box (if its a 1/24 Coupe, its a Heller) in both wire wheeled regular form, and steel-wheeled racing form. It is ALSO, confusingly, available in a Japanese Gunze Sangyo box. The Gunze Coupe is Heller.

If you want a convertible kit, you can choose from the Revell 1/25, and the Heller or Gunze Sangyo 1/24 versions. In this case, the Heller and Gunze kits are different. The Heller is like a scaled up version of the Revell, which was originally released in 1963. The Revell was designed and tooled in the UK, and is actually a rather nice kit:

[linked image]
[linked image]

The engine and suspension detail is excellent, and it comes with RH and LH drive dashboards.

The Heller kit is the much the same, except a bit bigger. (Theres nothing wrong with Heller kits in general. They have their hits and misses like any other manufacturer, but their good kits are really good). Wheels are a bit iffy... Im doing my Coupe with the wire wheels from a Tamiya Jaguar MkIII.

The Gunze Sangyo is the best drophead kit. Its available in several boxes, including a Hi-tech version with lots of white metal and etch parts. Its not the easiest build, but it looks very good in the box. This one is available in an Airfix box - if its a 1/24 convertible in an Airfix box, its the Gunze kit (Usually says Hi-tech on the box. Incidentally, the same is true for Airfixs Hi-Tech Ferrari GTO... its also Gunze, and rather easier to get hold of in the Airfix box)

The only issue with the Gunze is that most of the interior is soft vinyl plastic, which can be hard to paint. Try to do one with black upholstery!

By the way, if you are looking for reference photos of any parts, engine, interiors etc, or details of different colour schemes, look here:

I hope that lot helps!


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