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April 7 2011 at 6:29 PM

Snake  (Login Snake45)
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Response to 67/68 AMT Camaro = 67/68 MPC Camaro ???

The original AMT '67-'68 Camaros, the original MPC '68 Camaros (they didn't do a '67), and the currently available AMT '67 and '68 Z/28 Camaros (based on tooling that first appeared around 1983) are three COMPLETELY different kit families that share NO parts.

Parts from Modelhaus are most likely repros of original '67 AMT and/or original MPC '68 parts (and are labeled as such.) I can tell you that the RS grilles are very different from the new AMT kits. They have much more "V" to them. You could make one fit but you'd have to cut it right in the middle, remove a little plastic, and glue it back together at the proper angle.

I believe that one or more resin casters have produced proper RS and SS/RS grilles for the current AMT kit. I've never seen or used one so I cannot personally vouch for them, however.

I believe that the same resincasters also offer correct 67 and 68 SS hoods for the current AMT kit. Be aware that the year makes a difference in the one you buy. All '67 Camaro SS hoods were the same, with the two "louvered" or ribbed chrome thingies. This is also the correct hood for a '68 SS350, but the '68 SS396 hood chrome trim was 8 square "injector ports." This hood became standard for all '69 SS Camaros regardless of 350 or 396 engine.

If you're talking about the "cowl induction" hood, that didn't come out until 1969. As all first-gen Camaro hoods interchange (in real life), though, they're often seen today on '67s and '68s. Those are also available in resin but you can also modify one from a Revell '69 Yenko Camaro or Z/28 to fit the AMT kit.

If you need to know anything else about first-gen Camaros, give a shout. I've got a buttload of refs on them including original showroom literature (picked up literally on "opening day").

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