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Scale Model Motor Cycle Chain

March 6 2012 at 3:31 AM
David Waye  (Login DavidWaye)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

A friend of mine is scratch-building a 1/48 scale locomotive, a type that is chain-driven, that used to run between Darwin and Birdum in the 1920's. Only one example was ever made..

He is looking for a suitable metal chain, and is considering a Tamiya after-market 1/12 metal motor-cycle kit, used to enhance their plastic motor-cycle kits. He is after the physical measurements of a typical after-market 1/12 metal motor-cycle chain:

- the height and width of the model chain.
-- the length of each link (i.e. sprocket tooth spacing).
-- the approx. distance between sprocket centres (to ascertain the overall length of the chain).
-- the diameter of the chain sprocket on the rear wheels.
Can anyone advise if anyone makes a working 1/12th. chain and sprocket(s) set in either a delrin type material, or metal, and, if so, who?

This is a big ask but it will help him with this unique modelling project.

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Sergio Luis dos Santos
(Login loigres)
HyperScale Forums

1/12 chain

March 6 2012, 12:47 PM 

Try here:


Type metal chain on the Product Search box. The people at GPM are very fine so you can try ask them some questions.

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Tom Booth
(Login bookmark460)
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I have the Tamiya RC166 set and also many from Top Studio. ....

March 7 2012, 1:25 AM 

Sim make up/method. Many parts and will 'work' if assembled properly. Try online model shops HLJ in Japan and HiroBoy in England also. HLJ will prob beat HiroBoy and GPM prices. I deal w/ all three. HiroBoy's postage, at least to the US, is way out of line I think. HLJ and GPM's very fair.

Some dems in thous of an inch.

Length of the 'figure eight' link, .113.
Width of the '8', .055.
Ctr to ctr of roller pin holes, .055.
I.D. of the assembled (length of the roller pin) chain, .037.

In the Top Scale chain set for the 1/12 Honda RC211V (TS sets for other bikes may differ, I only checked the RC211V set) the links are less figure eight/hour glass shaped than the Tamiya. More oval, and have sim dems except for the length, .105 instead of .113 and ID is narrower, .030 instead of .037.

These dems are approx (+/- .005 I'd say) cuz they were mic'd off a chain already on the RC166 model or thru sealed poly bags containing MANY MANY lil' parts.

The PE sheets in both sets are about .005-8 thick.

At HLJ the Tam set goes for about $35 w/o post. The Top Studio chains are in the $50 range w/o post.

The chain sets from both Tam and TS are amazing!

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(Login DavidWaye)
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March 7 2012, 2:36 AM 

I have passed on your advice to my friend and already this evening he has been trawling.

I saw him a few minutes ago, and he says thanks, it is exactly what he is after.

Thanks to you both.

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(Login DavidWaye)
HyperScale Forums

Re: Thanks

March 7 2012, 2:37 AM 

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