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Figure/AFV painting

May 8 2006 at 3:59 PM
ironmike  (no login)
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Response to Painting Figures

I'd suggest getting some of the following magazines as they provide numerous tips and guides.
Military Minatures in Review (grab any and all copies you can. Excellent and a hoot to thumb through
Historical Minatures - one of the best. Grab any and all copies you can. Great stuff
Armor - many tips to help with AFVs and figs.
Verlinden has a mess of fine paperback type books on all sorts of figre/AFV subjects - well worth getting any and all copies you can.
Kalmback Books have many great titles that will assist you.
AFV is another one that is packed with ideas and clever tips. Get 'em while you can.
Military Modelcraft Int'l has some excellent tips and ideas that can only help.
You can locate many of these titles on this web site (Great Models) and or Try Amazon also. I would also highly recommend any books from Shep Paine as he is the best IMHO on figures, dioramas and AFVs. If you search around, I'd also suggest the classic 'The Complete Modelling Workshop' by Stan Catchpol - hard to find but worth the effort.
Hope these titles help you out. If you need any further tips or pathways, let me know.

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