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February 27 2007 at 10:09 AM
John Wojak  (no login)
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Response to I am returning to figure painting and have a question about appropriate oil colors

I have just started painting larger figures (90mm, 120mm) after many years of planes and armor, and believe it or not, what got me into them is that my son collects Citadel/Games Workshop Lord of the Rings figures (which I guess are about 1/48 scale), and I have gotten to enjoy painting them with him and have developed a lot of new painting skills that way. Which of course led to my wanting to try some larger figures, like Warriors or Verlinden knights, etc. But enough rambling, my point is that my figure painting with my son on his Games Workshop figures was done with Games Workshop/Citadel acrylics, which are really terrific once you get past the names (snot green, bleached bone, vomit brown, rotting flesh, etc.). They have an excellent range of metallics covering bronze, tin, brass, several brightnesses of gold and three different silver colors which can be layered to create impressive ranges of wear, weathering and hilights on armor, etc. Plus, they have a range about 5 flesh tones for shadow and hilighting, and special acrylic inks in many colors including chestnut, brown and dark flesh which make great detail pin washes. I have used them on some large figures and been very happy with the results.

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