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54mm & 120mm Figures for sale (bottom of the list)

November 13 2009 at 1:42 PM
John Rauscher  (no login)
from IP address

Updated November 13, 2009: Aircraft & Armor Kits & FIGURES for Sale from my Personal collection or my shop. Boomers Books....

All kits are complete or in condition noted. In some cases the boxes have seen wear, but all the parts are there. Some are brand new, imported to sell here or in my shop (OzMods)

IOB means the box is open, parts are there they may be off the sprues but I have checked them for completeness! RSB means resealed box - ie reshrink-wrapped to protect it!

PayPal or Credit Card accepted. No Fees for PayPal use! Postage not included in prices, but we try and ship the most economical way! MO accepted but please follow through in a timely manner or practice good old fashioned open lines of communication!

Overseas welcome with knowledge that the United States Postal Service, in its infinite wisdom, no longer offers Surface maileverything now goes airmail!

Email me with questions or offers!

Thanks for looking!



1/48 Classic Airframes:
#490 Hawker Sea Hawk Mk 101, IOB, $25.00

Accurate Miniatures 1/48:
White Box P-51C $15.00

Airfix 1/48:
Red Arrows Hawk, $12.00
Hawk 100 w 2 Mikes resin Corrected Intakes, $17.50

Hasegawa Egg Planes:
#010400 Tamago Plane Series 10 P-40, IOB, $7.50

Hasegawa 1/48:

Hobby Boss 1/48:
#80325 TBM-3 $54.00 (MIOB)

Occidental 1/48:
#0211 Harvard, $12.50
#0202 Spitire Mk IXe, #12.50

Roden 1/48:
#404 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, MISB $18.00

Tristar 1/48:
#MA-3 Heinkel He162A-2 MIOB, $25.00


Airfix 1/32:
Montys Himber, $10.00

AFV Club 1/35:
#353 M548A1, $30.00
#35063 SdKfz 251/1 Ausf.D MISB, $25.00

1/35 DML:
#6329 M2A1 Halftrack 2 in 1 Kit, MISB, $27.50
#6276 1st Fallschirmjager Holland 1940, $5.00
#3825 Railway Embankment, $15.00
#6260 Flak 36 88, $25.00

1/35 Testors/Italeri:
Crusader III in beat up Box, $15.00
#6429 DUKW w 105 Gun and Resin Wheels from TRAXZ MIRSB $37.50
$201 Water Tank Truck, MISB, $32.50

1/35 Academy:
#1399 M3 Stuart Honey, 427.00

Lost In Space Chariot, 438.00

Firestorm Models 1/35:
#FST102, Aussie M113 Mine Roller (Late), New, $19.50

Tamiya 1/35:
#MM143 Ford GPA, $10
#35018 Daimler Dingo Mk II, $10
MM300 New Tamiya Matilda Mk III/IV MISB, $38.00
#MM 3524 Original Matilda Mk II $15.00

Tamiya 1/48:
#32562 British Light Utility 10hp, $18.00

Vision Models 1/35:
#35001 M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer (US), $22.50

Vulcan Models 1/35:
#5601 British QF 2 Pounder anti-Tank Gun, $22.50

FIGURES (54mm, 1/35 and 120mm)/SCI FI:

ART GIRONA 54mm White Metal:
I-36 Princess Louises Highlander, MISB, $17.50

Mitrecap Miniatures 75mm:
#MC8 Scottish Pikeman, IOB, $18.50

#902 Lost In Space Chariot, MIOB, $37.00

Nitto Assorted:
#24106 Series 5 Gustav, MISB, $25.00
#25139 Series 19 Nutrocker, IOB, started, complete, $15.00

Pony Soldier 120mm:
#AW-03 Joseph Bryant Thayendaneaga Mohawk War Chief 1777, IOB, $32.50

Soldiers 54mm White Metal Vignettes
Highlander Assaulting downed French Cavalryman, VIGNETTE, $18.50

Tamiya 1/24:
#MF002-500 German Panzergrenadier w rifle, White metal, IOB, $8.00

SOL 120mm:
SAS Desert Raider WWII, MIOB, $30.00

Verbiest Productions 120mm:
#E12-120mm Coldstream Guards 1815, MIOB (Long OOP), $35.00

Verlinden Productions 120mm:
#650 British Desert Rat Desert Storm, IOB (OOP), $32.50

OzMods 120MM:
OzFig001 120 MM Aussie Bren Gunner, $65.00 New!!!
OzFig002 ANZAC Mideast in Greatcoat, $70.00 NEW!!!

Email me with any questions!


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