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June 11 2011 at 2:03 PM

Jay A. Barbarisch  (Login todtjager)
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Response to What new resin civilian figures would you like to see?

Hello, Jose;
I think the best thing is to do figures that can be in multiple places (across Europe for WWII or???). If you look at the new MB? set it shows figures that can only be used realistically on the eastern front. Make yours more universal. I mean that most styles of dress across Germany, France, Italy... were basically the same.
Also, look at some of Preiser's sets. They make awesome figures, 6 per box usually for about $20.00 & they have several sets of civilians, some are waving, some digging in ruins.... You can get a good idea from there. One idea I have is civilians carry dead or wounded civilians. Unfortunate as it is, collateral damage does happen. Another ; women acting as nurses, picture that Dutch woman's house in 'A Bridge too Far' where she is helping Lawrence Olivier trying to save wounded Brit paras.
Soldiers helping civilians would be good too.
Another thing passed down from my Grandfather, when their troops drove into the Ukraine, Ukrainian woman and girls ran up to them, tossing flowers, handing bread and cheese or bottles of vodka... to the 'Liberators', saving them from the Bolsheviks. (stupid move not embracing them but the politicos were asses...)

Of course, (depending on clothing styles)those same gift bearing people could be used running to the allies as they bring liberation from the Channel to the Wistula.

Also, figures from the middle east would be good as most of the conflicts over there are in the midst of civilian homes... (Of course, this could be said of the many battles across Europe too.)

I would also say that figures doing something are far better than not. Most of you competitors do the standard crap; people standing around smoking, and/or drinking a Pepsi. If that was war, we'd be bored of tanks & planes fast. Personally, although I have made some 'pause in the midst of chaos' dios, mostly I build combat action


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