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Modern day farmers

June 14 2011 at 3:13 PM

Jim Mc  (Login Obadiah)
from IP address

Response to What new resin civilian figures would you like to see?

both Euro, and North American. Sorry, no Mennonites or Amish!
Civilians (males) wearing jackets,hats, and ties like many men in the 30's,40's, and 50's used to wear.. see Tom Landry or Paul Brown)

Police officers...polzei...PoPo...coppers...da fuzz.....

bubbas- those colorful folk of the rual US, the ones who wear the just a little too short to cover the belly shirts, the lynard skynard tee shirts from 1980, and the ever popular mullets...

soccer hooligans... complete with head gear to hide their identity.....
gang bangers.... see above

and, of course, da wimmin!

I wish you the best, Jose, your path forward is rough, and you are going into a line of business that is fraught with pitfalls..... One thing I can say, remember always, it's your BUSINESS, no longer a hobby!

"Google is NOT my damn friend!"

-anonymous caller to my help desk

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