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Question about how a sidearm holster should rest on hip

November 1 2008 at 3:15 PM

Craig Westbrooke  (Login patton45)
from IP address

Trumpeter 1/16 Soviet Tank Crew figure. All artwork shows the holster resting against the body, but holster, when fitted against figure, sticks out.

Which is correct? Should I file out a hole to make the holster rest more flush against the hip or do they normally stick out?

thx - Craig

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Ziggy Eichstadt
(Login Jinrai1)

my thoughts on this

November 23 2008, 11:12 PM 

Well, I've seen some (US troops) pics of the holster hanging as the belt is loose, most officers didn't seem to care aslong as it didn't impeed you from removing your pistol when needed. Also, a Colt 45 weights quite abit and in it's holster, will lay at an angle, not quite cow-boy style (even if the wearer did think he was). But as an ex army instructor my rule would be 'secure is safe' and such lax implementation of the rules is not happening. I had a guy once who fouled his rifle on his belt once whilst running, he fell flat and fired off a round. Needless to say the two guys infront of him were not hit but were not happy with him either.

This is an RAF officer (different standards of dress) from a photo dated 1940, it's a 455 Colt in an open topped Webley(?) holster ...
[linked image]

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