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I'm ready to outlaw cellphones....Seriously!

February 2 2012 at 6:44 PM
William (Shuey)  (Login Billshuey)
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Last Saturday on my way down Glenmore Avenue to the gym, here comes this kid (looked about 8 ot 9) just ambling along out from between the parked cars, cell phone glued to his ear, paying no attention to whatever in the world around him. I slam on the brakes (fortunately for him I still have good reflexes at 73) and he hears the brakes and looks up at me. I stop just short of creaming the little **** and open the window and ask him if he ever heard of looking before crossing the road. His answer is to flip me a "Rockefeller salute".
This afternoon I'm on my way to the grocery store, and here comes this chick in some kind of little silver gray sports car zipping out from one of the cross streets. One hand is on the wheel, cell phone in the other, completely ignoring the stop sign. Again I hit the brakes, fortunately I'm not going very fast and she slips just across in time. She keeps right on going up the cross street. I don't know if the ^% little dip even realised how close she came.
It really scares one to realise how many idiots there are out there trying for a Darwin Medal.

Rant mode off.

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