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Well depending on what you mean by "Rednecks"...

February 17 2012 at 2:04 PM
Roy A. Schlicht  (Login schlichtr)
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Response to We're the rednecks of the universe at this point.

I can probably with certainty state that we are surely not the most advanced out here but also not the least. As for how different life will be for our decendents, very. But I also think we will see alot of similarities. I feel that humans are genetically wired to be tribal and with that goes "not getting along" with everyone else. So we will continue to see conflict amongst ourselves. I also believe it will be that "catalyst" that accelerates our colonization of the stars. It will be groups of people who, for what ever reason (religious, political, ect), want to make fresh starts elsewhere that will start spreading out. They will find a new spot to colonize and live and when those groups get too big and burdensome they will splinter again and the process repeats itself. I foresee in the next few million years, humans all over the near galaxy. That is provided there are plantets suitable for colonization. The biggest hurdle of course is getting there. Once we are able to do that reasonably its just going to happen.


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