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Americans driving more economical vehicles

February 25 2012 at 1:48 PM
Donald Terrana  (Login donzie2)
HyperScale Forums
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In the discussions about gasolene prices, a poster from outside of the of the US pointed out the value of driving better milage automobiles.

If I could afford it I would buy a Toyota Prius tomorrow.I can not image anyone not wanting to have a car that gets like 40 or 50 MPG in city driving. What is the downside? You are so big you cant fit inside of a Prius? And there are other hybrids on the market too. The point is we all have to get our hands on these effcient vehicles, not just a few of us to get away from imported oil.. this is a no brainer.

What I don't understand is how come GM didn't beat Toyota to the market place, or Ford for that matter.

As for Americans needing different vehicles than Europeans, that does not seem to be consistant with the facts. One of my cars is an Catera*( well it was sold by Cadillac, but is really just an Opel) It goes easily faster than any american speed limit, has taken me all the way across Florida..without needing to refill the gas tank.


* turns out , like Ms Romney I too drive a couple of Cadillacs...well they are both more than 11 years old. What I do to help save gas is just not drive if I can do it. I buy from Amazon!
Almost every thing I need for my house they seem to have. Shipping is free (prime**), no sales tax, and all I have to do is to go pick it up at the mail box! This is no joke,check it out.

costs you $79.00 a year, but all shipping is free

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