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Not where I live

February 26 2012 at 12:39 AM
Don Hinton  (Login Starfire94C)
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Response to Americans driving more economical vehicles

Hi Donald,

Where I live I see more and more people driving huge pickups (they are NOT rigs) as their commuter vehicles. The bigger and louder, the "better". I see people in my neighborhood building absolutely huge garages, larger than their houses, to protect their ridiculous trucks--I say ridiculous as these trucks truly are used as commuter vehicles, not trucks, and they drive around making horrendous noise. I equate these people to Howler Monkeys--he who makes the most noise and flings the most crap is the "biggest".

One house on the opposite end of the long block I live on looks like it is abandoned, just a wreck waiting to fall down--leaky roof, rotted wood sides, wood gone around the base. And what is behind this shabby house--a brand new, 25-foot tall two-truck garage with 12-foot tall garage doors that probably cost as much as their house does. Why on earth did they spend their money to build this huge garage rather than put a new roof on their house? Misplaced priorities.

People here think more of their truck than the crappy homes they live in. They will wash and protect their trucks while their home falls apart. Totally blinded by modern American media into thinking they MUST drive a large truck in order to be a "man." I'm sorry, if their manliness depends on how big their truck is...I don't even know what to think of the women that own these huge trucks, which is quite common in my town. It is sad to even drive by the nearest McDonald's and see what the employees are driving--huge pickup trucks (tonight I looked and the employee lot was entirely composed of huge pickups with large tires and lift kits, not one single car). That means these relatively young people (20s-30s) are in their making minimum wage and paying for a huge pickup and the wasteful gas they use--which means they probably live in some run-down house or apartment and I would bet, have no money saved as it all goes to their "priceless" truck. They will pay for their wasteful living in the future, but I guess the good news is that they make GMC and oil company executives live very happily.

Rant off--not directed to you.


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