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Just had a conversation with a friend

February 29 2012 at 11:10 AM

Gerald Voigt  (Login HawkeyeV)
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Response to any of you guys or gals taking statins?

who is a pawn of the drug companies and a indoctrinated doctor who peddles their products.

He was in good health, had a little bit of high blood pressure, nothing serious. It was environmental, stressing work place full of drama. The doctor put him on something to help...two months later he added yet another.

He was taking 9 different pills and more than half of them were to counter the side effects of the others. He had to make a decision, as he lost his job and health insurance, he had to pick eating or paying for his meds.

Fortunately he found a doctor with some sense. Weened him off all of the meds and put him on a prescription of proper diet and exercise.

Even with all of the stresses of life, he is healthy, energetic and happy. The low energy and depressive state when away almost immediately after quitting the pills.

Oh and he has found a new job too!

The VA had a list of meds that they wanted me on...but even to their surprise I'm doing just fine without them. What you put into your body does make a difference...and thinking there is a pill for that, doesn't mean the problem is solved, it often leads to new and different ones.

Are the side effects worth the return...most times the side effects are worse that what is being treated with the medication! The human body has a habit of accumulation...minute things add up over time to be major concerns. A little liver issue grows into a huge and lethal one. Mileage may vary.

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