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Over the years I've owned or been in a lot of wicked cars.

March 28 2012 at 11:57 AM

Bruno  (Login BrunoSchielzeth)
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Response to Nice! I'm not much of a speeder...

Owned: 61 Desoto with a baby Hemi in it. Huge and fast. With those weird bucket seats that swiveled out for you to sit down. 55 Ford Vicky with a bored and stroked dual carbed T-Bird 312 and 300 pounds of lead poured into the frame rails. I bought it that way from a used car lot!! Years later I met the builder and he was still crying about how his mother sold his car when he went into the Navy. He was glad I enjoyed the car however. 68 Dart GTS with the HiPo 383. Fast and hard on engine mounts. I put over 170,000 miles on it in 15 years. And sold the still numbers matching rusted hulk for $600. It turns out it was a one-of-a-thousand car and worth 10 times as much. sad.gif A 1970 Sebring with a HiPo 383. Pretty and very fast. Electric blue with white stripes.

My best friend's father was a car junkie. He owned an original V-8 Mustang, a Mustang 500 GT, and a Hurst Mustang. He was the first one to take me over 100 mph. He also had a friend show up from Elkart Lake one day. In a white and blue racing GT40!! He took each of us for a ride sitting on pillows in the aluminum skinned interior and holding onto the roll cage. Scariest ride of my life!! Another friend had a fast 56 Chevy with a 409 dual quad engine in it. Another friend collected and built 442s. Some wicked cars! Another friend that helped me with my Ford had a 53 Willy with a big block Oldsmobile engine in it. His trick was to stick a $10 bill on the dash and tell you it was yours if you could grab it before he hit fourth gear. It would have been hard enough but he never bolted the passenger's seat to the floor, so it was pretty much a sucker bet! Another friend had a 56 Chevy Police Interceptor. Wicked car too. With the right traction he could and did lift the front tires off on a hard launch. You could still faintly see the badges on the doors. Sadly it was impossible to track down parts for it.

I'm not sure if my Vicky or my GTS was faster. They could do 130-140 but at least the Dart stayed down on the road. The Vicky sure didn't. Plus the Dart had much better brakes and suspension on it.

I'm glad I was only young once, I'd never live through it now!!!

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In memory of Denis Keegan.

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