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Hey Bruce you ISP is blowing smoke if saying your nic to old

March 30 2012 at 10:06 PM

Hume B. Bates  (Login humebates)
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Response to I suffer Internet Withdrawal big timeĀ…

Hey Bruce you ISP is blowing smoke if saying your nic to old...bottom line an ethernet connection would be downward compatible...
Is you connecttor an rj45 (its looks like a big phone jack)

what ever the issue a simple thing is to buy you own firewall router to bridge your pc to the cable/dsl modem

You would connnect to you pc to the firewall router lan ports,

And the firewall router wan port to the cable/dsl modem

The firewall router would "bridge" the older slower lan port of your pc with the faster wan port of the cable/dsl modem

Trust me im a network engineer, your isp is full of bs

your ps card is probably 10 Mbit/s half dup ....the modem should auto negotiate speed and duplex down to match you...

but it should also be able to be hard set to match your pc

The modem is likely auto negotiate off and hard set wrong...easy fix for the isp but to lazy or stupit to do....

get your own firewall router then you can control should auto negotiate speed and duplex for both sides

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