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No worries, Mike

April 8 2012 at 12:48 PM

Matt Collins  (Login MattP38)
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Response to Matt hi...yeah a College team beat the O's....

I am so disgusted with the team and Amaro at the moment that I cannot bring myself to watch. Once again, Joe Blanton makes his way into the rotation. WHY we ever got rid of J. A. Happ and kept this sorry fool is beyond me. Happ had a rough go last year down in Houston, but look at how Roy Oswalt turned out. What is more, Blanton cannot keep it together for a single season. Kendrick is a better pitcher, but by a very little bit. We keep switching him back and forth from the pen to the starting rotation. That does not make a good pitcher, but it means he has insufficient time to congeal to one role and it shows time and time again. The Vanimal I love and he had a bang up season last year, having said that if we had not been so ignorant and wasteful of Happ during the '09 World Series, in favor of Pedro Martinez, again look at how well that turned out, we would be singing a different tune and would not have let him go. We need and do not have a solid four and five slot and we cannot expect the thee Aces to handle it by themselves.

Then we turn our attention to the big three on the infield, Howard is out indefinitely and frankly who cares? I am so sick of his incompetence that he could stay away and I would be just as happy. Great his defense has improved, but his bat has dropped off so hard and no one wants to admit. The more money he makes the worse he becomes. Look at Albert Pujols, look at Prince Fielder; do they look like they are struggling in the least?

Raul Ibanez, yes he is getting up there, but we let him go and he was picked up for $1M!?!? Thats miserable! Wiggington and Nix, Im not impressed by these moves, nor am I that dazzled by acquiring Jim Thome. We had Mike Sweeny and p****d him away and we let go of Pete Orr. Im not following the logic.

Finally, we have Jimmy and Chase; neither of whom has played an entire season in one piece since 08, 09, if that? We need to make sure we rest them during the long months, that way when we need them, we have them, and then what does Ruben do, Trades Wilson Valdez for a maybe someday hopefully kind of sort of possibly minor league pitcher. Soon after he admits his mistake with the trade, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!? When I told a friend he said, Who is the Captain of this ship now?!? Jimmy is there for now, but how long can he keep healthy? Chase is out indefinitely. We also have Mike Martinez, who suffered a broken foot leaving us no one to cover those two spots.

I will get there I'm sure, but right now I could honestly care less at the decision making taking place.


It's good to have a friend here at my shoulder with a little time to spend, til I find love again -F. C. Collins W. C. Bickhardt

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