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I own a 115 year old home. As such I spend most of my time at Lowe's or Home Depot

April 9 2012 at 11:16 AM

Bruno  (Login BrunoSchielzeth)
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Response to Plywood!

which provides LOTS of laughs. Only the other day I was following out a big Ford F-350 laden with sheets of plywood on the bottom, dry wall on top of that, several boxes of tile on them, and then a bunch of concrete block over it all. I'm sure the fool figured a ton of tile and concrete block would hold things down wink.gif since he didn't have it secured in any way. Not even twine. He slowly leaves the parking lot, drives about 120 yards to a MAJOR street, Green Bay Road for those that know it. Six lanes plus turn lanes, three each direction. I see the left turn light turn yellow and the fool, rather than stop, tries to beat the light. He floors it. The ENTIRE load slides out of the back and lands in the middle of the southbound lanes. Funny how plywood makes a great skid, even with a ton of weight on top of it!

I saw it coming and decided to turn right instead so I watched, LMAO, as this guy and his wife climb out to look at the carnage. The street was closed for over an hour. I'm sure 50% of the load was scrap. To think, a set of $20 ratchet straps would have prevented the whole thing.

The worst I've seen is some mover with a load of household stuff piled in a POS pickup truck. A few strands of 1/4" nylon rope holding it down. I moved over to the curb when I spotted the stuff shifting. The air pressure was pushing on a headboard shoving the washing machine to the tailgate, which was down of course. I started honking my horn but they never heard it I guess? A moment later the rope parted and the washing machine, several boxes, and the headboard fell out. The Honda behind them, that was tailgating and trying to get around him, didn't stand a chance. They hit the washing machine square at about 40 mph. The headboard hit the buckled hood and continued on. Decapitating both people in the front seat.

I spent over an hour parked on the side of the road explaining everything to the police and EMT people. With the Honda covered in a tarp and dripping blood onto the pavement. I heard the driver got charged with involuntary manslaughter and got sued by the family of the people killed. Along with numerous other traffic charges.

The scary part is that there was a child in the back seat. Luckily it was in a car seat and came out OK.

Again, situational awareness can save your life and the lives of those you love. Always be aware of what is around you.

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In memory of Denis Keegan.

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