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Out of the mouths of grandparents....

April 10 2012 at 9:44 AM
Mike R  (Login MRiedeman)
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our daughter is over 18, used her money and got a small tatoo on her upper foot, it's so small the strap to a flip flop hides the tat completely. Two weeks ago when her grandfather, my father in law saw the tat, he told our daughter/his grand daughter that tatoo's are "for scummy, dirty people" and that he's "never hire anyone with a tatoo" This conversation was un-heard by my wife or my mother in law. When our daughter told us my wife and I were pissed to say the least. My father in law has since aplogized for his remarks.
Yesterday I visted my mom for Easter...due to work schedules. life and distance we could not see my mom on Easter. My mom had a card with cash for our daughter that I dropped at our daughtes college which is on the way home, sort of. I asked my daughter to call my mom, her grand mother to thank her for the money/card. I left our daughters college, it takes maybe 40 minutes to then get home. I get in say hi to the wife, who tells me our daughter called her(my wife) saying my mom "yelled" at her(our daughter) for not "calling or visiting on Easter". Now our daughters College was not closed for Easter and she spent the weekend doing homework and studying for tests this weekend. Our daughter was raised not to talk back, so what was said to her by my mom was not responed to by our daughter otherthan a thank you for the card and gift and a apology for not calling/visiting. I was mad as h**l at my mom and so was my wife. I have not decided when or what I will say to my mother about this bullying imho.
Sorry for the rant, I just hope any one out there who reads this realizes if they have grandchildren...just because your are grandparent gives you no right to yell at or be mean to your 18 yr old grandchild.Besides pissing off the parents, you hurt your grandchilds feelings. At 18 you can vote and die for your country, that means to me that a 18 yr old is a man or woman. Mike

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