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I am a victim of the P.C. Police

April 27 2012 at 10:10 AM

Larry Schmidt  (Select Login CSMO)
HyperScale Forums
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e-Bay pulled my WW2 German Luftwaffe belt buckle and Wound Badge First Class even though I covered the hackenkruzes. The message they sent didn't specifically call me a Nazi or skinhead, but they were afraid that though the articles in question may be historically significant, they MIGHT just offend somebody. This is hypocracy in that they still allow stuff like the Totenkopf skulls or yellow Cross of David's saying Juden. Those signify the Waffen SS and the Gestapo and the Holacaust to me. But you have to be a student of history to understand that. With a swastika, even a nine year-old video gamer can say, Bad Guys, Cool! Oh, well, ya can't win if you don't play. Adios, Larry.

Field Artillery brings dignity to what otherwise might be merely a vulgar brawl.

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