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I cannot believe you don't know how long a tenth of a mile is!

April 28 2012 at 4:02 PM
Donald Terrana  (Login donzie2)
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Response to Arturro....

A staute mile is 5280 feet in length, pretty much commonly known by all 300,000,000 Americans. True quite a number of Americans don't know the length of a Kilometer in feet or portions of a mile, or bocks in their town..

Let me put it this way, a tenth of a mile, is the length of a mile given in feet, yards, cubits,kilometers or any other system , divided by ten , or multiplied by 0.1.

As for the instrument panel gage, the lower numbers are comonly referred to as the trip odometer milage. They are completely indendent of the upper mileage numbers. Most American systems will display a total distance of 100 miles,in miles and tenths of a mile. You set it to zero when ever you need to know how far you have gone in better precision than the one mile incriments of the total miles display

None of the miles shown in the trip odsmeter add to the total miles above.
The total mile odometer ,in the US, is regulated by law to accurately show the usage of the vehicle. You violate the law if you try to mechanically reduce the reading.

I once bought a Mercedes while working in Suisse with the intent of bringing it back to the US, so the odometer displayed miles. Unfortunately the Swiss police blocked my license until I had a local shop paint kilometer numbers on the dial face.


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