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Hi Dave, may have direction for you....

May 7 2012 at 11:45 AM
Larry  (Login audiguy)
from IP address

Response to Hey Larry Nonis...

How does the car run with a full tank of fuel??
In the tank there is a suction jet pump which transfers fuel from the left half of the tank to fill the right side to keep the fuel level equal. If this transfer pump fails, the right side supply side of the tank will starve for fuel upon load and cause misfires & power losses.
From your e/m, I am still thinking fuel delivery. There is a possibility of the air mass meter too. If you stick your foot in the throttle and it does not send the data to the ECM to kick the fuel pump in the butt to provide fuel, you will get misfires.
If the mas meter and the fuel system are good and working, possible ECM now comes to mind.

PS: my inbound e/mail system is still screwed up. I can send out but no one can reply. I will keep you posted on that.
Talk soon,

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