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A member of my church served in Korea and he told me ...

May 17 2012 at 2:59 PM

Philip  (Login iluvflying)
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his history and I was wondering if others more into armor could fill me in please?

Hi name is Ray Morgan and I think he is close to 80 yrs young.

Jan 1951 Started
May 1951 Shipped to Japan to train
Feb 6th 1952 deployed to Korea
oct 1952 came home and out Dec 7th 1952.

I know nothing of the structre of the USA so this is what he told me:

224 Regiment
40th Division
Charlie Company
4th platoon (a weapons) platoon he said.

He was on a team manning a 57 mm recoiless rifle, he said the rounds weighed 6 pounds each! He carried 6 to 8 on his person.

He said his squad had 6 soldiers. Squad leader, a sgt.,l gunner(corporal),1 loader(corporal),3 ammo bearers(privates)

He started as a bearer and moved to loader when the several members were rotated stateside.

He said the N.Koreans didn't engage them much but when they were relieved by S.Koreans the fighting really increased, then when they roated back in, the N. Koreans didn't engage. He thought it was due to the USA being better trained and the N. Koreans being afraid to engage them too often. I didn't say anything about that since I am a civilian and haven't been in combat.

Ray said the 57 rifle was in short supply and they mainly used a .50 cal machine gun and he said he loved it! There were also a motor crew and he talked about the sound it made and how the infintry on both sides feared the motor attacks. He also talked about flame throwers and was impressed with the weapon.

All in all I had a great time talking with Ray and letting him tell me with obvious pride about his service and how he was glad to return to the USA.

One thing he mentioned frequently was how COLD it was in Korea. When on guard duty the soldier on duty got to wear a parka, they only had enough for the onduty guards to wear, otherwise they wore their field jackets. sad.gif I think that is why he love living in Texas!

Any more info on the unit and the weapons would be welcomed. Is there a web site for this unit I could share with Ray?


Philip & Maximilian
Head of Ranch Security, Song Dog, Texas

Where has all the music gone?

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