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A niceguy buck sergeant worked for Boy Brown-Bar Bondo circa 1963 at Fuchu, and .......

May 18 2012 at 8:15 PM
Phil Brandt  (Login bondo455)
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Response to Korea in the Hangul language means "Land of the morning calm".

what a story he had: Danny had lied about his age to enlist--he was actually fifteen, but the truth wasn't revealed until he had been to Korea--and found himself deep in North Korea in the snow and numbing cold. He became separated from his unit one day (even though the troops were in contact) and was alone. His rifle at the ready, he crept slowly around a large pile of snow and bushes. From around the other side of the mound came a teenage CHICOM "leg", puffy winter coat and all, with an AK-47. Both youngsters were totally surprised, but for some reason neither cried out a warning. It was a real Mexican standoff (kinda funny, since Danny's Hispanic). Danny said that they stared at each other silently in the stillness for what seemed like minutes, then slowly each backed off a foot or two at a time, rifles still leveled. When they were about one hundred feet apart, they each turned and ran back in the direction of their lines. True story; Danny was a November Sierra guy.......


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